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1937 Ford Coupe - Readers' Pages

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It's difficult to put all the specific information for all the cars we mentioned in the story, David. We'll admit that we sucked you in, but that's our job. More to the point, the information you seek is in all the stories that we do. For example, in the '93 GMC TBI trucks we just finished, the first thing we did was open up the exhaust system with a high-flow cat and exhaust and eventually headers. That's the same thing we'd suggest for your '88 IROC. Then we'd add bigger runners for the TPI unit and make sure your fuel pressure is up to par. Balance and clean the injectors, put good spiral-wound plug wires (Moroso, ACCEL, or MSD for instance), and add a better air filter from a company like K&N. Then perhaps more gear in the back since you've got an overdrive automatic. That should wake up your Camaro. Now you need to stick with us, and we'll do more stories like this.

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Urban Assault Vehicle

Who: Ed Tapper

Where: Brooklyn, NY

What: '80 Camaro

Why:Ed says: "Because second-gen Camaros come in tasty flavors other than '70-'73"

Goodies: Ed sent us another letter some time back, with three pages of details, which apparently we missed. As a result, Ed was much more brief this time. He did outline the 383 small-block he's running, using a Scat crank, KB 9.5:1 pistons, World Products Sportsman II heads, Comp XE268 cam, Holley Street Dominator intake, Hedman Headers, and Flowmaster 211/42-inch exhaust. The power is put down via a TH350 trans with 2,400-stall converter and a 3.42-geared rearend. Quarter-mile times have yet to be established, but plans for a bigger wheel/tire combo and overdrive are in the works.

From A Roll
Here's what I'm looking for: What makes a fast 10-to-20-mph-from-a-roll car? In 20 years of street racing, less than 10 percent of my races have been dead-stop, burn-the-tires, drop-the-flag runs. The vast majority of "rat races" I've been in are slow rolling, cold-tire runs. Does a big converter hurt or help from a roll? Gear? Suspension? I want driveability and wicked-quick acceleration. I don't care about a 1.45 short time. I think this sort of information would be interesting to readers who want fast cars that aren't annoying to drive.
John Burns
Wilmington, DE

The simple answer is that more torque from the engine is the key. Then, perhaps, less stall will help because the car is already rolling. If the gear is right for the engine, keep it because it will still help acceleration.

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