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1937 Ford Coupe - Readers' Pages

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4. Let's me keep my two Snap-On toolboxes and my air compressor in the laundry room cause we don't have a garage at the new house ... yet

3. Knows the subtle differences between a '55 and '56 Bel Air

2. Knows that sometimes the cable may be out but digs that the new swap meet Rally rims are on

1. There is one day a month that she always walks through the front door from work and the first thing she enthusiastically says is "Honey, the new issue of Car Craft is here"Thanks for the great magazine.
Mike Shott
Timberlake, NC


Who: Dean Huck

Where: Bellingham, WA

What: '64 Dodge 330

Why: He saved it from the crusher

Goodies: Dean not only saved this car from certain death, he managed to score it for just $250 ... delivered! That was several years ago, and since then, the Dodge has been treated to a 440 built with #915 heads, an Edelbrock cam and RPM intake, Holley 780-cfm carb, and Hedman Headers. With a 2,800-rpm stall converter in the push-button Torqueflite and 4.10 gears in a '65 831/44 rear, the Dodge turned 13.0s at 105 on street radials. This season Dean says he's pulling more weight and going with a bigger cam and sticky tires for 12-second action

A Street-Strip-Corner-Carving Show Car
Thank you for helping out the young kids. I am 14 and just bought a '74 Camaro that my dad and I will be restoring with the help of friends and family. I am not sure where the money will come from or how long it will take, but it is a good restorable project. My plans are to keep the body and interior mostly stock but with a wild 350 motor. It already has a Turbo 350 trans in it and a 4:11 posi rearend, but I am gonna put 3:73s in it or something like that for road manners. Basically I want to build a street-strip-corner-carving show car. I know it will take a while to get it how I want it, but it will be fun to build even if it isn't completely finished when I put it back on the road. Projects are never finished. My brother wants me to have it running for his wedding, and I am gonna try. Also, about imports, thankfully in our town we don't have a lot. Most of the kids stick with the newer Mustangs and Camaros, and I have seen some sweet American muscle around. Thanks again for the great magazine. I will keep you updated and I will send you pictures.
Daniel Banker
Soldiers Grove, WI

Please do, Daniel. How about you other young car crafters out there? Send us photos and a description of your car, and we'll run as many of them as we can.

Reader's Letter Of The Month
I am still relatively new to your magazine, and while I love it in many ways, I am also beginning to hate it at the same time! Here are some reasons for both:

I love it for the tech articles but hate it because I get lost in the lingo.

I love it for the article on "Build 'Em! Freeway Flyers" but hated it for teasing me this way! I own an '88 Camaro IROC Z28 and was totally enthused by the idea that I was finally going to find some useful information about how to make it really fly since I have finally finished all the basic maintenance it required that had been neglected by the previous owner. The article "Affordable Supercars" promised "some advice on what to look for and what to do once you've taken title" but then does nothing useful of the sort! The article says there are a lot of parts out there, but I have no idea where to begin to find the ones that are really going to give me the most bang for my buck and make my machine really perk up.

So where's the real advice? Can you give a guy some real down-to-earth basic advice on where to start from bone-stock that won't break the bank? I'd appreciate some more pertinent and directly useful information if you can help me out.
David M. Grubb
Florissant, MO

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