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1937 Ford Coupe - Readers' Pages

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Reader's In and Out List

In: Building a show quality orange '71 Z28 Camaro
Out: Ad (as seen on eBay) reads: "Dents on the roof and hood (thanks to an angry ex-wife); $2K to fix dents. 24K invested. Must sell due to divorce.

In: Going out of state to a magazine-sponsored car show
Out: Going to local car shows and seeing the same cars every weekend

In: Demolition derby is cheap therapy
Out: Cost of a real therapist

In: Hunting for demo cars
Out: Finding good cars

In: Welding on your car late at night
Out: Welding on you car in the rain
Out: Getting shocked in the process.

In: Building the cheapest car you can
Out: You have to build a cheap car because yours broke

In: Winning with the biggest piece of junk there
Out: Not able to get it off the trailer cause it's junk

In: Beating high-dollar cars with your beater car
Out: That you wished you had half the money they put into their cars

In: Demolition cars are still fun
Out: It's turning into a sport of who has more money

In: Working on your car
Out: When your throttle sticks and your car kicks into gear
Out: You are strapped to the hood trying to shut it down
In: You missed the neighbor's house

Out: Walking in on your 7-year-old son while he is sitting on the can [Thank you for not sending a photo like everyone else.-ed.]
In: Finding out he's reading Car Craft

In: Renewing your Car Craft subscription.
Out: No more money for beer
In: Canceling Hot Rod in favor of more beer moneyJeff LangJacksonville, Florida

In: Street racing and smoking a Mustang Cobra by a mile!
Out: Discovering the state trooper was undercover, and those pretty blue lights mean you won't win that $50.John Polihronidisvia e-mailCan you say "entrapment"?

In: Cruising with a friend in his V-8-powered '68 Cougar
Out: Getting beat in that Cougar by a bone-stock late-model Grand Am GT (that really happened)

In: Friends admiring the musclecar in your garage
Out: It will stay there for the next 180 days due to license suspension from speeding tickets
Brad Erwin
via e-mail

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