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1937 Ford Coupe - Readers' Pages

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Pro Rules
I looked all through the magazine and all over the Web site. Where do I find the rules for the PRO Hot Rod and Muscle Car Nationals classes?
Carl Kreider
Via e-mail

You can find the rules at All the classes are listed separately, and you can even find the latest rules revisions that will keep you up to date.

Family Affair
Who: The Doty Family

Where: Pinon Hills, CA

What: A fleet of cool cars

Why: Greg Doty wrote in to tell us that his whole family is infected with the car-crafting virus. That's Greg with the '30 Model A roadster, which runs a 350ci/TH350 Chevy combo. The '37 Ford coupe belongs to Greg's dad, David. David built the rod himself, also selecting a Chevy 350ci/TH350 powertrain along with a 9-inch rear. The '68 Mustang belongs to Greg's 19-year-old son Adam and runs a 289 with Edelbrock goodies and 17-inch Boyd's wheels. Even Greg's 21-year-old daughter, Elizabeth, is into it with her '68 Camaro, though for now it retains its straight-six.

I was reading the May '04 issue where you guys recommend ex-police cars as affordable supercars. A word of caution: At my former job in the environmental industry we tested some police cars and they were full of lead dust tracked into the car, apparently from officers returning from the shooting range. If I recall correctly, we had to decontaminate the cars twice to get the lead concentration to an acceptable level.

To anyone with kids, I would think long and hard before buying an ex-police car because of this potential issue. Lead poising can be a serious problem for young children.
Greg Young
Rochester, NY

Wide Whites
In your Jan. or Feb. issue, there was a picture of a George Barris T-bird with whitewall tires. I have tried several tire companies in an attempt to locate them without success. Could you help me?
Bob Kromm
Northport, NY

We'd try contacting Coker Tire, 800/251-6336,or at They have a tremendous selection all kinds of antique and performance style tires from past decades.

Gratuitous Burnout Of The Month
Just thought I would send pictures of my son's '71 F-100. The whole thing is basically a salvage yard buildup. The motor is a factory 429 4V from a '73 Marquis. He gave the motor a bigger cam, an old 750 Holley, Duraspark ignition, and an old ACCEL coil (all from the junkyard). He did scrape up the money for a gasket kit so the motor wouldn't leak. The 9-inch is equipped with a Lincoln Locker 4.11 third member (real rough in the corners). This truck has all kinds of power and gobs of grunt. The bad part is, he will have to finance the gas.
Chris Thompson
Fallon, NV

Mustang Favorite
Just wanted to let you know I love the direction the magazine is headed. I am an avid 5.0 Mustang fan, and I feel I have more in common with Car Craft than the other Mustang-specific magazine I get. It just seems like it's all about new Mustangs, Cobras, and $5,000 superchargers for them. A lot of the articles in Car Craft use low-dollar hop-up ideas that will work on any car. I've always been a fan of working with what you have instead of buying the latest go-fast part from a catalog. My '92 Mustang started out running 14.7 in the quarter. Just by getting to know the car and adding cheap or free go-fast parts, I now have run a best of 13.54 at 101. Again, I love the direction you're headed-keep up the good work.
Mike Spooner
Via e-mail

Look for an upcoming buildup of a carbureted Fox Mustang that will also be budget based.

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