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1966 Batmobile - Auto News and Events

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Photography by Courtesy Of The NHRA

So the '72 Road Runner was Petty's last Plymouth.

NHRA Museum Invaded by a Mazda!
In a direct assault on all that is V-8 and wonderful about drag racing, the NHRA inducted Abel Ibarra's rotary-powered Mazda R-100 into the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum in October. It becomes the first sport compact-or import-racer so honored by the museum. The induction ceremony was part of the NHRA Sport Compact Night of Champions. Who knew that there were sport compact champions?

"We're really excited to bring Abel's R-100 to the Museum," said Sam Jackson, executive director of the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum. "I helped organize Abel's first exhibition run at an NHRA national event in this dynamite car, and he made a great pass that had the crowd on their feet and folks in the tower wondering what they had just seen. Abel's classic Mazda R-100 is the perfect car to represent sport compact pioneers in the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum."

The R-100, which was built in 1996 and campaigned by various drivers until this year after Ibarra moved on to an RX-7, joins a hall that is otherwise almost completely filled with V-8 machinery. Should you visit the NHRA Museum in Pomona, California, we suggest shielding your children's eyes when approaching Ibarra's Mazda.

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Dumb Things to Look for in 2 Fast 2 Furious
As sequels go, 2 Fast 2 Furious at least cleared the low bar of not being worse than the original The Fast & The Furious. Was it better than the The Fast & The Furious? That would be pushing it. So it's not a good movie by any critical standard, but at least Universal Pictures has to be happy with the $127 million it brought in the U.S. alone, and now sales of the DVD ( is getting $18.89 a pop) have been brisk.

In a movie bursting with a bizarre take on automotive culture, lame dialogue, unbelievable situations, a thirst for mayhem, and a casual disregard for death, what are the lines of dialogue and situations we here at Car Craft cherish most? Here are ten of the lamest moments with the time when they appear on the DVD.

Oh yeah, the best moment? That's 31:07 (31 minutes, 7 seconds) into the film.

1. 02:41-"Either you find a fourth or you don't race." Race organizer Tej announces a rule never before enforced at any street race.

2. 06:31-"Damn, Suki. Uh, when you gonna pop my clutch, huh?" That's Tej saying the most ridiculous seduction line in the history of cinema.

3. 12:59-"Smack that ass!" That's street racer Suki in mid-flight as her Honda S2000 reaches low-earth orbit after jumping a drawbridge. In real life the landing would have been fatal, but who's counting ...

4. 15:00-Brian O'Conner flees from the police in his Nissan Skyline GT, but thoughtfully leaves the glowing blue neon undercarriage lighting on.

5. 24:18-"I'm not going back to Barstow!" Words to live by from Roman Pearce.

6. 25:04-"Dang! Where you all confiscate those rims from man?" Roman Pearce correctly using the word "dang."

7. 32:13-"That's the Brian O'Conner school of driving right there, baby." Said while driving backwards on a freeway at 70 mph indicating that his Mitsubishi Evo VII had a rather tall Reverse gear.

8. 43:11-"The D.I.S. box, the engine management system ... hell, the main harness. The G.P.S. is spidered into all of that." That's master mechanic Jimmy spewing the largest chunk of technical gobbledygook ever uttered outside of a Star Trek episode.

9. 48:25-"All right, check it out. There's no way we're gonna beat these guys straight up. The Hemi is puttin' out about 425 and that Yenko will snap a speed on about 5 seconds flat. We're gonna pull somthin' out of our ass." Brian O'Conner is probably referring to the same place they pulled this dialogue.

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