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What's In The December Issue of Car Craft

Front Man

Yes, we laugh when reading this, but . . .

Readers' Pages
Send more pictures of cars on your patio. That's way cooler than lawn furniture.

This Guy's Garage

We've heard of skeletons in the closet, but this guy's got one in his shop.

When does a 625-inch big-block seem small? When you're looking at an 802.

Coupe-to-Fastback Pt. 2
Look what we accomplished in just two days.

Pontiac Stroker
From the valve reliefs in the pistons to the counterweights on the crank, there is nothing small about this engine.

How to Scale a Race Car
In a momentary lapse of reason, Jeff allowed a Ford in his shop, and here is the proof.

New Big-Block Heads from Brodix
Our next issue will be highly polished to a mirror finish.

Quick Tech: Moser 12-Bolt
Just try to break this thing.

What's Your Problem?
Here's all the info a good camshaft swapper needs.

Krass & Bernie

Ditch the clipboard and scorecards and hit the track.

Lobbyists, Regulators, and Bureaucrats
Get some knowledge and save our hobby.

Quick Car: Mike Roth's '72 Camaro
It flies in the face of lobbyists, regulators, and bureaucrats. That's why it's on the cover.

The '10 Car Craft Summer Nationals
Fast cars, fat food, phat chicks-you know that's how we roll.

Quick Car: Spectre Streamliner
If Jeff Smith drove this car to work flat out, his 33-mile commute would take less than 6 minutes. "It would take longer to start the car and get it out of the driveway."

Junkyard Crawl

A one-year-only Cutlass is a rare find, indeed.

Speed Shop
Lots of suspension stuff this month. Avoid this page if you hate this stuff.

Rear View
Hey look, average readers drove press cars better than company execs do.

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