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What's In The April 2011 Issue of Car Craft

Bench Build

How many cars is too many? These and other thoughts from the throne room.

Speed Parts
Check out this month's edition for some cool mod motor parts, a book on metalworking, and a full suspension kit for C10 trucks.

The Wrenchrat Twin-Turbo Kit
Enough plumbing to make a NASA space capsule jealous. Enough torque to launch you into orbit.

Build a Catch Can
Smoldering aluminum and TIG welder buzz finally gave way to a usable catch can.

Prep and Hang Aluminum Panels
Install this stuff and shed some serious weight. Tech Editor Smith is patiently awaiting the release of aluminum Chevelle parts.

Hang Quarter-Panels and Mini-Tubs
This is a big job, but you can mount seriously wide tires under your Camaro if you get through it.

Save a Holley from the Dead
Like Lazarus emerging from the tomb, Smith brings a swap meet carb back to life.

Ask Anything
We take on an Opti-Spark distributor and answer a Slant Six offset-crank-grinding question.

This Guy's Garage

Jack Olsen's modest two-car garage is the definition of efficiency.

Mustang Suspension Overhaul
With a set of lowering springs, we drop our '06 GT to the height it should have been all along. Oh, we picked up some better handling in the process, too.

Krass & Bernie

We've never tried this, but apparently paint thinner and carburetors don't play nice together.

John Balow's '69 Camaro
Call it clean, call it fast, just don't call this car Eleanor.

Nathan Dosh's '69 Super Bee
Though it looks like a rotisserie restoration, most of the work was done by Nathan and his sons in their garage.

The Optima Challenge
Well, for us it was the Optima Battery Swap Challenge.

Quick Car: The Santa Monica PD's '64 Plymouth Savoy
We wish our '03 Crown Victoria sounded like this Mopar cruiser.

Junkyard Builder

Well, the gauges look usable. The rest of the Duster Magneto spotted may be too far gone.

On The Rack
After a few months' hiatus, the girls are back. You may commence your hate mail/love letters now.

Where's The Fun?
Right here, that's where it is.

Rear View
Should we build another CC Jeep? No way, man.

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