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What's In The March 2011 Issue of Car Craft

Bench Build

Glad sets the tone for our freshening up.

Speed Parts
We saw lots of great new products at the SEMA show last November. Here are a few of the highlights.

Trick Flow's Top End Kit For LS Engines

Our old LS1 makes a dynamic return, making big power with just a cam and cylinder head swap.

347 Stroker Block from Summit
Clearanced, machined, and ready to assemble-Summit has this Ford block dialed in.

Cam Degreeing for an LS Engine
If this were a college major, Tech Editor Smith would have an advanced degree on the subject. In fact, he'd be the Department Head.

Replacing LS Engine ValveSprings
Professor Smith knows more than just camshafts and timing chains. Here's his treatise on springs and pushrod lengths.

Quick Tech: Stainless Works Headers
Watch as the guys from Chagrin Falls transform straight tubing to finished product in just two pages.

Ask Anything
Go ahead-just try to stump Jeff. We dare you.

This Guy's Garage

Did you know the 240Z (and all subsequent Z cars) are called Fairlady Z in Japan. In the UK, they call it the Zed.

Build an S-10
Honestly, we thought Jeff was off his rocker when he pitched the idea, but we're warming up to the idea of a compact muscle truck.

Build an '06 Mustang GT
It's not easy being green, even if you have a 3V.

Build a Pro Street Demon
This thing showed up as a roller, but with a full rollcage and massive slicks. Glad is planning the powertrain as we speak.

Krass & Bernie

Look closely or you may miss the political statement at the end. Trosley must have drawn this during election season.

Jason Engel's '67 Mustang
Call it clean, call it fast, just don't call this car Eleanor.

Ford's St. Thomas Assembly Plant
We like Crown Victorias, so we took a trip to see where they're made.

Jim Moran's '70 Chevelle
As impressive as the twin-turbo Escalade engine under the hood is, our favorite parts of the car are the phony whitewall drag radials.

Quick Car: Chevrolet Camaro SSX
Here's another highlight from the SEMA show. We seriously hope to see this car on the track soon.

Junkyard Builder

It's like Junkyard Crawl, only better. Our man Magneto chronicles Road Runners from start to finish.

Where's The Fun?
Get it? WTF! You'll like it. Send us pictures and we'll run them.

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