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What's In The February 2011 Issue of Car Craft

Front Man

Ford's on a tear. There's some killer stuff coming out of Detroit right now.

The Masthead
Hello from cloudy El Segundo.

Readers' Pages
Dude, the road race Duster is awesome. Send us more stuff like that.

This Guy's Garage

Check out the tire machines this guy scored. You know that sweet Harley didn't come from a going out of business sale, though.

Last month's was a 2,000hp LS engine. Here's a 500hp one that anyone can build.

Blown 5.3
We made impressive power and didn't scatter the bottom end in the process. Good times.

Turbocharged LS3
A different take than the previous article, we show what big displacement and a fair amount of boost can make. We'd love to see this in a car.

Turbocharged Big-Block Chevy
We gained almost 200 lb-ft with a single turbo producing 8 psi. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

What's Your Problem?
Straight talk about clutch break-in and filler neck returns.

Krass & Bernie

Uh-oh. Is Trosley setting us up for a new Vampire series? Do vampires even like cars, BTW?

Randy Johnson's '70 Camaro
The Magnuson-supercharged LS engine in Randy's car makes 605 hp at the wheels. Stop reading now if you're sick of LS stuff. It's all downhill from here.

The Holley Engine Swap Challenge
Two cars drove in, one car drove out with an LS6 under the hood.

Mark Stielow's '69 Camaro
Paraphrasing from Tolkien: "One Camaro to rule them all, one Camaro to find them, one Camaro to bring them all and in the darkness bind them." It's epic.

The Bondurant School
We slid cars around in Phoenix for four days. Don't get in our way.

John Baskerville's '63 Dodge 440
We loved this car-it runs low 11s but it's still streetable.

Junkyard Crawl

Leave it to Magneto to toss in a random Spacehog reference in a column about a Buick.

Speed Shop
Cheap spray guns. Soon punk kids won't need aerosol cans to tag boxcars and bridges.

Rear View
Though it's not an action photo, we all keep staring at this picture of Ohio George. All the elements are just right.

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