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What's In The January 2011 Issue of Car Craft

Front Man

The essentials for your workspace.

Readers' Pages
There's a killer-looking Nova and a couple of tire-burning trucks.

This Guy's Garage

We'd love a turn behind the wheel of this guy's '55 Brockway 155W.

Our trip to the Holley LS Fest cemented it: The LS engine is what you need to build to be a contender.

Coupe to Fastback, Pt. III
The saga ends here. A crumpled coupe rolled in, a sharp-looking convertible rolled out.

New 455 for the F-85
Yes, it's a GM A-body, and the rest of us staffers think the Olds is cool, but we suspect Tech Editor Smith is happy to be done with it. He has Chevelles to finish.

GM Performance Parts LS3 Crate Engine Build, Pt. II
The heads and cam swap were cool last month, but this time we added some cubic inches and found a bunch of torque.

Budget Big-Block, Pt. II
We're like Hollywood with all the sequels this month.

What's Your Problem?
What happens when you make our tech editor drive a Nissan Versa? See page 48. "I don't know how anyone could drive this thing," was repeated throughout the weekend.

Krass & Bernie

We fully endorse making your parts chaser as fast as your race car.

Fred Kappus' '67 Dodge Dart
Wow, Viper Red actually looks better on a Dart, especially a Dart built by this guy.

Blake Hughes' '66 Chevrolet Nova
In this case, detonation is a good thing.

Don Mehling's '69 Dodge Dart
Have we flipped our wigs? Two Darts in the same month? Mopar guys, you better buy this issue-it's sure to be a collector's item.

Real Street Eliminator Wrap-up
All the action from our muscle car shootout in St. Paul.

Speed Shop

I'll bet Whipple-Supercharged Camaro is a phrase we will be repeating quite a bit in the future.

Rear View
There's more mystery than information available about this Olds mystery engine.

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