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Rust In Peace - The Best Muscle Car Graveyard in America

Be warned, you might want to break out the tissues ahead of time for this one. We explore the greatest musclecar graveyard of all time and find all sorts of gems. From AMXs to Roadrunners, they're all here in a random state of decomposition.

Photography by Steve Magnante


The skyrocketing prices and red-hot collectibility of Mopar E-Bodies makes the fate of these particular second-generation Barracuda goodies hard to fathom. No doubt they'll be fished out of harms way before the crusher moves in ... or will they?


It's a little-known fact that the '66 Buick Gran Sport 400 was a lawbreaker. That's right, it violated the GM 400ci displacement limit for corporate A-body offerings. Was Buick cranking out supersized ringers while the Chevelle SS396, 389 GTO, and 400-cube Olds 442 towed the corporate line? Yes and no. The venerable Buick nailhead V-8 used in the GS400 measured 4.187x3.640 and actually displaced 401 cubes. Management obviously flexed the limit rather than wrangle with Buick engineers over one stinkin' cube. This GS400 is one of 9,934 '66 hardtops (along with another 3,882 sedans).


You're looking at the remains of no less than three Corvettes. You see, this decomposing '73 Jensen Interceptor Series III sold new for a dizzying $15,500. By comparison, its original owner could have paid $5,561.50 (base price) each for a trio of '73 plastic fantastics. Now do the math. The Interceptor must have been a pretty good car, eh? Like the DeTomaso Pantera, Iso Griffo, Monteverdi, Sunbeam Tiger, and AC Cobra, the British-built Interceptor combined Continental style with brutal American V-8 power, in this case a big-block Chrysler. A few thousand '66-'76 Interceptors were built with 383/400 power (pre-'72), then with 440 power ('72-up). A few '73 and '74 SP models were built with 440 Six-Pack power before Chrysler's supply of the discontinued tri-carb wedge dried up. A single 426 Hemi-powered Interceptor was built around 1968 (the Ferguson FF) to test the Ferguson all-wheel-drive system. This isn't it.

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The Don-#002
The Don-#002

i like the idea of a car show class for special cars that are beyond repair! thats cool.

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