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The New Generation Hemi

Photography by Courtesy Of Chrysler Group

The new Hemi retains the former 5.9 Magnum's 4.461-inch bore centers, but manages to shed 56 pounds over the LA-based 360, and is reportedly cheaper to produce. The Chrysler 300C and Dodge Magnum rear-drive passenger cars are both slated for production with available Hemi power, and word is there's a 6.1L version of the Hemi in the works. Looks like the good ol' days are about to return for the Mopar set.

The Details
Chrysler Group 5.7L HemiEngine: OHV, two valves/cylinder 90-degree V-8
Bore/stroke: 3.92x3.58 inches (99.5x90.9 mm)
Displacement: 5.7 L (345 ci)
Compression ratio: 9.6:1
Horsepower/torque: 345 hp at 5,400 rpm/375 lb-ft at 4,200 rpm (truck spec) 340 hp at 5,200 rpm/390 lb/ft at 4,000 rpm (Chrysler 300C/Dodge Magnum R/T)
Block: Cast-iron, deep-skirt using cross-bolted mains with powdered-metal bearing caps
Pistons: Hypereutectic with 9.4cc dome
Connecting rods: 6.25-inch powdered-metal with fractured caps
Crankshaft: Cast nodular iron
Cylinder heads: Aluminum castings with dual spark plugs, 1.65:1 shaft-mounted rocker arms, 84.9cc combustion chambers, and 2.00/1.55-inch valves
Induction: Electronic sequential multiport returnless fuel-injection using a nylon, tuned-runner length intake manifold and 80mm throttle-body
Exhaust manifold: Cast ductile iron "log" type, but containing dual internal runners for enhanced flow
Redline (maximum engine speed): 5,800 rpm

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