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Car Craft September 2002 Table Of Contents

On Sale At Your Local Newsstand July 30, 2001

Cover Section

Tales From the Tech Lines Experts Reveal Your Best, Worst, and Stupidest Questions


Sticky-Tire Test: Radials vs. Slicks How fast do you want to go? What kind of tires do you have?

Tuning With Air Bleeds A little tweak here or there means a lot with the new Mighty Demon carbs

Project SuperNova, Part III We’re still smokin’ the radials, but the ETs look a lot better this month

Ford vs. Chevy, Round Two We swapped solid-roller cams in our 400-inch small-blocks and aimed for the 600hp barrier

440hp Budget-Built Vortec Chevy You could build it with beer money with your eyes closed

Cam Swaps Made Easy Comp Cams’ new three-piece timing cover makes in-car cam swaps a breeze

How to Install a Cutoff Switch …And not get booted by the tech inspector

Hydraulic Lifter Test High-bleed, anti-pump-up, or regular? Which lifters should you use and why?

How Air Conditioning Works Summer hot enough for you? Find out how to cool you and your car


One Bad Brick It took perseverance and sheer determination to get this ’57 into the 8s

Rating the Camaros From First to Worst You can probably guess our pick for the best Camaro ever, but which one came in last?

Car Craft Road Trip! It’s time for our third annual fiasco. Wanna come along?

Second to None A jet boat guy takes to the asphalt with his ’64 Savoy


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Straight Scoop

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Speed Shop

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On the cover: That’s Tech Editor Tony Nausieda gabbin’ on the phone and wrenching on our Project SuperNova. James Brown caught the scene in living color.

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