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Car Craft - May 2002 Table Of Contents

On Sale At Your Local Newsstand April 9, 2002

Cover Section: Fuel Injection For Any Engine in Any Car

Installing GM's Ramjet 350 Any monkey can do it in a weekend

Ultimate Malibu LT1 Swap Our A-body project gets modern motivation

Aftermarket EFI Guide Marlan sorts through the options and features of the popular systems

Inject the Unexpected How to adapt EFI to an engine that never had it


Mopar 440 Update A hot big-block gets even hotter with some trick new parts

Drivetrain Parts for 9s, 10s, and 12s Experts give their advice on keeping it in one piece

Carb vs. EFI This one should appease all you diehards who hate the cover theme

The Versatile Dial Indicator If you don't own one already, you'll want one

Build the Ultimate Muncie GM gear-bangers rejoice, the Super Case has arrived

Ignition Box Shootout We head-to-head tested five of the most popular ignitions priced under $200


Crossing Back This Ranchero was not built by committee

The Last Road Trip GM is killing the Camaro and the Firebird, but not before we got our greasy paws on them for one last time

NovAir A deliciously different Chevy II


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On the cover: Wesley Allison caught Associate Editor Tony Nausieda tapping away at the keyboard tuning his EFI 455.

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