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Car Craft March 2002 Table Of Contents

On Sale At Your Local Newsstand February 5, 2002

Cover Section: 400-Inch Small-Blocks--Mild to Wild

512hp 406 Chevy It’s not even a stroker, but it still pulls like a freight train

607hp 408 Mopar This stroked, solid-roller-cammed 360 is a real thumper

502hp 408 Ford We’re dying to slap this in a late-model Mustang and go real fast


X-Pipe vs. Hi-Pipe Dyno-Test Are these new-fangled crossovers worth any power?

All About Clutches Marlan dissects the details of a manual-trans drivetrain

Spark Plugs: Fact and Fiction What is a heat range anyway, and how do you pick the right one?

How to Certify a 9-Second Car Maybe you can run the number, but is the car safe and legal?

Our Latest Buyer’s Guide This one’s about exhausting your possibilities. Get it?


The Big Scoop This ’65 Satellite has the biggest but not ugliest hoodscoop we’ve seen in a long time

Spark Plug Tuning Pro Stock Type Jim Yates exposes the black art of plug reading

That ’70s Car It’s the cleanest Malibu we’ve ever seen

Win a Free Holley Carburetor You’ve got to flip to this page to see how

A Ford Feature Hey, we built a Ford engine, so why not feature a Ford car too?


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On the cover: Wesley Allison shot the eye-popping Chevy 406.

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