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Car Craft February 2002 Table Of Contents

On Sale At Your Local Newsstand January 1, 2002

Cover Section: Cheap Thrills

25 Tips for 25 Bucks—or Less! Penny-pinching ways to improve your ride


Budget Iron Head Test Modern factory iron heads from the Big Three are cheap, and they really do perform

“Big” Cam or “Better” Cam That’s right—bigger isn’t always better

Electric Fan Dyno Test Yes, it is worth power. Real power

Pitch, Roll, Launch What’s the difference between drag-race and road-race suspension setups? Read this and find out

How to Port Cylinder Heads The mother of all performance how-to articles, presented in monkey-see, monkey-do format

Block Sleeving: How and Why Is a sleeved block junk? Not if it’s done the right way

Static vs. Dynamic Compression Or, How to Think Like an Engine


’69 Olds 442 We still love our dads’ Oldsmobiles, even if GM doesn’t

The Bristol Bash Year One threw itself one heck of a 20th birthday party

NASCAR vs. NHRA Car Craft sits down with NHRA Prez Tom Compton

Car Craft Goes Racing! Heads-up, and in our own car. See how we did

’56 Corvette The only thing stock about this Vette is the wheelbase

Special Section: Axle & Rearend

Annual Axle & Rearend Buyer’s Guide Get your rear in gear


Point of View

Readers’ Pages

Straight Scoop

Speed Shop

Ask Marlan

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On the cover: Nothing illustrates the cheap thrills theme better than a third-gen Camaro, and Tim Moore’s Hugger Orange example, shot by Wesley Allison, says it all.

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