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Cover Section–Carbs: How Big Is Too Big?

How Big Is Too Big? Barry Grant explains why bigger isn’t always better.

How to Rebuild a Holley: Possibly the most basic tech a car crafter needs to know.

Quadrajet: A much-maligned Rochester gets a much-needed facelift

Neat New Carb Parts: Some very new stuff, some kinda new stuff, but all really good stuff


Rat Attack: 542hp Big-Block Chevy–So far it’s top dog in our big-block build-up series

Carbon-Fiber How-To: It’s not just for rocket scientists anymore

Tall Spindle Upgrade for GM A/G-Bodies: How to improve your braking and handling with parts from Hotchkis and the junkyard

Edelbrock’s New "Vortec" Heads: GM’s iron heads were good, but aluminum is better

Quick Discs: Here’s a disc brake conversion kit you can bolt on in your sleep

Zex Is for Nitrous: And nitrous makes Henry D’s Mustang happy


Fueling the NMCA: It’s an insider’s look at drag race fuel systems

Forgotten Fairlane: This restoration was a bodyman’s holiday

Our Power Tour Fiasco: Read about what a huge debacle we had on Hot Rod’s field trip

Ford Fun in the Buckeye State: The National Mustang Racers Association has taken off like wildfire, and we finally got a chance to find out why

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