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Cover Section

Bang for the Buck! Best Buys Under $500

Two-Barrel to Four-Barrel Intake Swap: So basic, yet so effective

Easy HEI Upgrade: Tune up your tired HEI with Pertronix’s easy-to-install kit

Swap Cam, Gain 77 hp: It’s still the bang-for-the-buck king

Clutch & Shifter Upgrade: We missed the target price by a buck eighty-five, so sue us!

Carb & Intake Swap II: How much better is an aftermarket carb and intake than stock? A lot.

Gear Swap: Did swapping from 3.27s to 4.10s finally put our project Mustang in the 12s?

Special Section

Restoration How-Tos

How to Install a Headliner: It’s a tough one, but worth it

How to Re-Cover Seats: Let’s hope those are just springs poking you in the butt

Easy Rust Repair: Without breaking out the torch and welder

How to R&R Stainless Trim: Dinged-up trim looks really bad, but it’s easy to fix

How to Restore Power Windows: Hopefully yours aren’t stuck half-open


Theft Prevention Tips & Tricks: Oh, the pain we could have saved if we’d followed our own advice

EFI: Mass-Air vs. Speed-Density: Marlan answers the burning question that’s been keeping us awake at night

Blue Thunder 460: You can buy one in any junkyard for pocket change and it’ll run with a big Chevy any day of the week


Cheap Street Returns! Can you believe some lowlife was actually caught driving our big, yellow Chevelle?

Hatchback Smack-Down: A Mustang II in a car magazine? You betcha!

The Great Drivetrain Swap: We invited a bunch of gearheads over for steaks and a little wrenching

Student Driver Novas—the more we see ’em, the more we like ’em

Another ’69 Camaro: But at least it’s a really nice one

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