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Building a Hemi for Less - Build A Budget Hemi

Don't let the rich guys have all the fun. If you can find a Top Alcohol crankshaft, you can build this engine for Chevy money.

Photography by Steve Magnante
Milodon 7-quart oil pan 31010 $149.95
Milodon oil pump 18790 75.00
Milodon 1/2-inch oil pickup 18330 39.95
Stage V Engineering oil-drain line kit N/A 165.00
Oiling System Total: $429.90
Stage V Engineering Hemi Conversion N/A $3,990.00
Superior Automotive finish-porting N/A 750.00
Manley double valvesprings w/damper 22430 180.39
Manley valvespring cups 42122 59.95
Manley 2.20-inch stainless intake valves 11516 136.69
Manley 1.90-inch stainless exhaust valves 11901 136.69
Manley titanium retainers 23661 190.00
Manley 10-degree locks 13193 49.00
Manley lash caps 42101 28.00
Pioneer neoprene w/Teflon valve seals N/A 16.00
Manton 3/8 rocker-arm adjusters N/A 224.00
Crower 3/8 chrome-moly pushrods 70399 186.39
SVE cast-aluminum rocker covers N/A 350.00
Mopar Performance rocker-cover gaskets P4120353 35.95
Fel-Pro head gaskets 1009 39.95
SVE Grade 9 head-bolt kit N/A 145.00
MP spark plug tubes 4120294 69.95
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