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Get Your Blinkers Working

GM Steering Column: Get Your Blinkers Working

What it is: Direct-fit GM steering column for '70 to '75 Camaros

Why you care: Your blinker stalk is broken, and you're just ignoring it, aren't you? The factory-fit GM steering column will fix all your steering gremlins and can be painted body color, powdercoated, or purchased in glorious chrome. They are 100 percent American made with an eight-position tilt and GM-specific wiring.

How much: $619.95 for a GM Steering Column

Learn more: ididit; Tecumseh, MI; 517/424-0577;

Super Black And Fuel Ready

What it is: TechAFX BlackWrap PTFE AN fuel hose and fittings

Why you care: BlackWrap is an affordable, enthusiast-built PTFE hose that has the high-tech OEM black look while providing the performance of a PTFE hose/fitting assembly. BlackWrap features a black nylon outer covering over a stainless steel braid to provide an abrasion-resistant hose that looks great with the TechAFX black aluminum AN fittings. As with all TechAFX PTFE hoses, BlackWrap features a conductive PTFE core that provide years of maintenance-free service when exposed to today's fuels, and it addresses issues with fuel-flow static buildup.

How much: TechAFX BlackWrap hose and AN fittings are available in -6, -8 and -10 sizes at prices close to what old-style rubber-core hoses cost. The difference is the PTFE hose will last for the life of your ride . . . something rubber hose can't do!

We say: The PTFE conductive-core hose solves the problem of fuel prematurely destroying rubber hose and your car smelling like gas when sitting in the garage. Sounds good to us!

Learn more: TechAFX; 877/355 0137,

Stock-Appearing Distributor

What it is: A cast electronic distributor that looks like you are running points

Why you care: If you want a points-style look with the accuracy of electronic ignition, check out the Flame Thrower Stock Look distributors for 221- to 302-inch Ford small-blocks. You can order one with the Igniter or Igniter III electronic ignition modules and it works with your stock or aftermarket coil.

How much: Call for prices

Learn more: PerTronix Performance Products; San Dimas, CA; 909/599-5955;

Universal Distributor Gears

What it is: This is a steel distributor gear that can be used with both cast-hydraulic and solid-roller camshafts.

Why you care: Thanks to Crane Cams' special cam-gear coating and treatment, you don't have to run a bronze distributor gear with a roller cam.

How much: About $70 depending on the application

Learn more: Crane Cams; Daytona Beach, FL; 866/388-5120;

Frame Connector For Convertibles

What it is: Three-point subframe connectors for '93 to '04 GM F-body convertibles

Why you care: Now you can buy a bolt-in subframe connector for convertibles to increase chassis stiffness and improve overall driveability of the car. The connectors tie the front and rear subframes together while adding additional cross-bracing through the center of the vehicle. The kit is available in red or black-powdercoat finish.

How much: $349.99 for a set

Learn more: UMI Performance; Philipsburg, PA; 814/343-6315;

Ported 5.0 Cylinder Heads

What it is: A set of CNC-ported cylinder heads from JPC Racing for your 5.0L Mustang with an advertised intake port flow of 335 cfm and an exhaust port that flows 232 cfm at 0.600 lift

Why you care: The 5.0L already makes more than 400 hp. Adding a set of cams and ported heads is going to get you closer to 450. Now all you need is a blower.

How much: Stage 1 heads are $1,595.00 with exchange.

Learn more: JPC Racing; Millersville, MD; 866/JPC-RACE;

New Chemicals

What it is: Summit Racing's new line of detailing stuff

Why you care: Continuing its march toward world domination, Summit recently announced the launch of its new line of detailing products, and based on the product descriptions, it sounds like quality stuff. Summit offers a range of compounds to remove oxidized or sanded paint, glazes to take out the swirl marks and bring out the shine, and detailer and clay bars to maintain the finish.

How much: Cheap—check Summit's website for prices.

We say: Next, Summit will sell fully built and running cars.

Learn more: Summit Racing Equipment; Tallmadge, OH; 800/230-3030;

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