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How To Re-cover Seats

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It's hard to write a witty intro for this story. It's like, duh-seats get thrashed and you have to fix 'em. Companies like Original Parts Group are at the ready with all the parts you need to do the job, but it's scary to try and re-cover seats at home if the seats are really wasted. That's what we thought, until we started hanging out at Mike Ambrose Custom Interiors where they make stuff like this look really easy. Of course, it's always easier to just pay guys like Mike, but it'll be far cheaper if you can handle it yourself. Follow along to see how, then practice a lot on friends' seats before you try your own.

The True Cost
Used '68-'72 A-body bucket
seat cores Memory Lane $100.00
Pair of seat covers OPG $169.00
Seat-back kit, includes: seat backs,
edge trim, chrome endcaps, lower
seat sides, and chrome seat-back
lock buttons OPG $220.95
Pair of seat foams OPG $89.95
Chrome seat adjustment knobs OPG $23.90
Seat-back bumpers OPG $7.95
Hog rings and pliers OPG $9.95
4 square yards of burlap Local supplier $8.00
TOTAL $629.70

Note: Prices were good as of press time but may change. The OPG items listed are available seperately-we have shown the most economical method of purchasing them. Nearly any other interior item you need for a Chevelle, El Camino, or GTO is available from OPG. Just FYI, Mike Ambrose would have charged about $250 for this installation.

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