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ZZ383 Crate Engine, Long Tube Headers and more - Speed Parts - April 2013

New Products

By Car Craft Staff

Pace Eight-Stack Injected ZZ383 Crate Engine
What It Is: A complete Chevrolet Performance ZZ383 crate engine tuned with 8-Stack fuel injection and a FAST EZ-EFI system.
Why You Care: This is a turnkey ZZ383 engine and fuel-injection system that makes 430 hp and 475 lb-ft of torque. The ZZ383 engine includes tin and polished, finned, and cast valve covers, a complete EFI system, an ignition, a starter, and a flexplate for an automatic-transmission installation. The ZZ383 engines are dyno-tuned, broken in, and have a two-year/50,000-mile limited warranty.
How Much: $11,249.95 each ZZ383
Learn More: Pace Performance - ZZ383 engine; 800/748-3791;

Doug’s Mustang-Swap Long Tube Headers
What It Is: Long tube headers for your 5.0L Coyote swap.
Why You Care: These are the first sets of long tube headers we’ve seen that fit ’64–’73 Mustangs, ’66–’67 Cougars, and ’66–’67 Fairlanes with a 5.0L Coyote engine swap. It’s a big deal because without them, you would need to fabricate headers or heavily modify factory exhaust manifolds to get the engine in the car. The long tube headers were designed to fit all cars modified with front IFS conversions from TCI or similar, and come with installation hardware and gaskets.
How Much: Call
Learn More: PerTronix; 909/599-5955;

Permatex One-Step Epoxy
What It Is: A syringe that automatically mixes epoxy as it comes out of the tube
Why You Care: Instead of looking for Popsicle sticks to mix your epoxy, now you just drop the plunger on the Permapoxy syringe, and the resin is automatically mixed with the hardener. The system is faster, cleaner, and doesn’t waste your epoxy.
How Much: About $7
Learn More: Permatex; 877/376-2839;

E85 Compatible Fuel-System Components
What It Is: The Dominator and HP family of fuel pumps.
Why You Care: Holley has launched ultra-quiet fuel pumps that can feed up to 1,000 hp along with filters and fuel regulators for your street machine. Now, these components have been fitted to handle gasoline, diesel, alcohol, and E85.
How Much: Depends on what you buy
Learn More: Holley Performance Products; 1-800-HOLLEY-1;

LS Engine Accessory Drives
What It Is: Inexpensive accessory-drive kits for LS engines
Why You Care: This is a clean and simple solution for FEAD issues on engine swaps. The brackets are available with Corvette, F-body, or truck-drive offsets and work with A/C and any water-pump or balancer offset. Each kit comes with the required hardware for installation and can be used with new or salvaged accessories like alternators and power-steering pumps. You just need to specify which parts you are using, and Holley will supply what you need.
How Much: $249.95 for the base system
Learn More: Holley Performance Parts; 1-800-HOLLEY-1;

By Car Craft Staff
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