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1968 Ford Mustang Fastback - The Paintjob

Hands On with Dupont Paint

Description PN Source Price
Cowl panel/grille assembly 3648HWT Dynacorn $408.99
Fender LH 3633 Dynacorn 212.99
Fender apron, rear LH 3634M Dynacorn 36.00
Hood hinge M3545 Dynacorn 26.00
SMC hood w/steel frame 3641U Dynacorn 470.00
Taillight panel 3643E Dynacorn 99.95
Transition pan w/shock mount 3649NWT Dynacorn 336.99
Trunk upper corner RH 3649DAWT Dynacorn 37.99
Valance, front SMC 3642G Dynacorn 61.99

How Much?
We didn't include a complete price list, because this was a job intended to be a high-end restoration from the start, and Elite was cool enough to let us follow along. Shop wisely, and you'd probably be able to gather all your materials from suppliers like Auto Body Toolmart for less than $2,000. That is, of course, assuming you have a water-compliant spray gun (with stainless steel internals), a large-capacity air compressor, welders, and the time to devote to such an undertaking. Painting a show car costs more than the bargain-basement paintjobs we normally do ourselves for the magazine. Look at our April and December issues from the last few years if that is the information you seek. We do, however, like to keep up with emerging technology, and waterborne paint is here to stay. When asked about the possibility of waterborne primers and clearcoats becoming available as well, DuPont's Steven Chaparro wouldn't say much more than if the EPA makes them mandatory, DuPont will be able to deliver. If or when that happens, you can count on Car Craft to bring it to you in a practical and straightforward presentation.

1007 Market Street
DE  19898
Auto Body Toolmart
Dynacorn International
4030 Via Pescador
CA  93012
Elite Restoration
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This is a 1967 Fastback Mustang not a 1968 unless someone changed the quarters. 

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