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Transmission Rebuild Kit, Porter Short Muffler & More - Speed Parts - March 2013

Your New Year's resolution should be to buy more car products!

By Car Craft Staff

What It Is: Performance transmission rebuild kit for GM transmissions.
Why You Care: If you want to rebuild your transmission yourself or make sure the shop uses the best available parts, try a Max Performance transmission rebuild kit from Performance Automatic. The transmission rebuild kit come with all the seals, gaskets, and Raybestos clutches needed to do the job and are available for TH350 and 4L60E.
How Much: $200-$700, depending on the application
Learn More: Performance Automatic Transmission Rebuild Kit; 240/439-4650;

Monster Storage Space
What It Is: A 55-inch top chest with more than 21,000 ci of space
Why You Care: Duh! Ten extra interchangeable drawers that hold up to 120 or 240 pounds each.
Learn More: For prices and availability see a Snap-on dealer.

Drop-In Fuel Pumps
What It Is: This is a drop-in fuel pump for S-197 Mustangs designed to feed up to 1,400 hp.
Why You Care: In the past, to feed a blower or radical N/A modular engine in your '05-and-later Mustang, you had to add an additional fuel pump or run a fuel cell and a frame-mounted pump. Aeromotive's new Stealth pump uses the OE sending unit, hanger, O-ring, and locking ring so it just drops in. It also utilizes the factory siphon system so you don't lose half your fuel supply.
How Much: $634.95 from
Learn More: Aeromotive;

Short Muffler
What It Is: A short muffler is a more aggressive-sounding, shorter muffler.
Why You Care: If you have no room for a big can muffler, the Porter short muffler is shortened, solid-steel core, hand-packed, 16-gauge, 14 inches with a 20-inch total length. The short muffler is available in aluminized or stainless steel.
How Much: $89-149, depending on size, materials, and finish
Learn More: Porter Mufflers; 763/463-3452;

G3 Hemi Camshafts
What It Is: Lunati has released a series of camshafts for non-VVT Hemi 5.7/6.1L Hemi engines.
Why You Care: These cams are designed for the factory roller lifters and using Lunati's Valve Spring Kit allows you to swap your cam with one of three new grinds. The durations range from 209/213 to 225/229 at 0.050 with lifts up to 0.538.
How Much: $473.99 from
Learn More: Lunati; 662/892-1500;

By Car Craft Staff
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