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Big Block Pistons, Heavy Duty Battery Cables

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By Car Craft Staff

Ultra Tough Big Block Pistons
What It Is: Lightweight billet Chevy big block pistons
Why You Care: Diamond claims these are the lightest billet aluminum big block pistons on the market. That means less stress on reciprocating parts like rods and crankshafts, faster revving, and more potential rpm. The big block pistons are available with flat, domed, or dished tops and either 3mm or 3⁄16-inch ring packs.
How Much: Call for price
Learn More: Diamond Piston; 877/552-2112;

Senna DVD
What It Is: Senna, the movie
Why You Care: This is the story of Formula 1 champion Aryton Senna that goes beyond his racing career into the personalities of Formula 1, and ultimately big business, sports, and racing as a metaphor for life.
How Much: $10–$15
More Info: ARC Entertainment;

Heavy Duty Battery Cables for Big Power
What It Is: Nice, heavy duty battery cables
Why You Care: If you have a race car or street machine that requires some amperage to run electric fuel pumps and other accessories, those cheap battery cables can cause problems. The solution is a nice set of heavy duty battery cables that has low resistance, high temperature rating, and good rubber insulation instead of plastic.
How Much: $89 for the base kit of heavy duty battery cables.
Learn More: Ron Francis Wiring - ; 800/292-1940;

Old School TH400 Pan
What It Is: A new pan for your TH400
Why You Care: This TH400 pan looks cool because of its deep-finned design, and it adds 2.5 quarts to cool the fluid and extend the transmission’s life. The TH400 pan also has a magnetic drain plug, a bung for a temp-sending unit, and comes with a gasket, bolts, washers, extended pickup, and even an Allen wrench to do the job.
How Much: The TH400 pan is $260
Learn More: Mag-Hytec; 818/786-8325;

AppRadio and DashCommand Together
What It Is: AppRadio is an in-dash 6.1-inch screen that plays audio and apps from your iPhone. DashCommand reads OBD-II trouble codes and has cool stuff like racetrack mapping, g-force and acceleration sensors, and reads up to 229 engine and drivetrain parameters and displays them on the screen. It’s the end of the laptop in your race car.
How Much: $399–$599 for the AppRadio; DashCommand App $49.99
Learn More: Pioneer Electronics;

By Car Craft Staff
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