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Camaro seat foam, seat sliders, Speed Parts

Camaro Seat Foam: Your Car is Old

What it is: New Camaro seat foam for your third-gen Camaro

Why you care: These cars are ultra-cheap, but they don’t have to look like it. Classic Industries has Camaro seat foam in four different kits to cover every level of interior trim.

How much: About $500 for the set of Camaro seat foam, depending on the options.

Learn more: Classic Industries; 855/35-PARTS;

Seat-Loc Seat Sliders

What it is: These seat sliders fits all popular tab-style seats and allows the user to slide the seat up to 12 inches. The seat sliders can handle 275 pounds at maximum extension and are made from 6061-T6 aluminum bars.

Why you care: With seat sliders, you can make your racing seat adjustable.

How much: $168.99–$199.99

Learn more: Chassis Unlimited Co.; 888/552-5371;

Zombie Wall Art

What it is: Latex-paint interior garage-wall art.

Why you care: Angela Quan has a fine arts degree from USC and painted the zombie in Glad’s man cave. She is good with flames, demons, and things with teeth. The helmet on top was striped by Styles. If you want great car-guy art, these two come highly recommend.

Learn more: Angela Quan:;; Styles:

Harpoon Art

What it is: A local artist that will paint any part that will fit into a box.

Why you care: This guy is plugged into the ’60s vibe, and he whipped up this killer Car Craft sign as his afternoon entertainment. He is also responsible for the chalk-and-tape tracks on the Dodge Demon project car. The Harpoon can handle a paint gun.

Learn more: The Harpoon;;

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