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Spot weld pliers, C85 - Speed Parts - November 2012

Don't Sit On Your Screwdriver

What it is: Deluxe Plushweave Fender Cover with a pocket thingy

Why you care: Why didn’t we think of this? Instead of stacking all the tools on the core support or hoping they don’t scratch your chrome air cleaner, you can slide your tools into this pouch while you wrench. Brilliant!

How much: Only $19.99!

Learn more: California Car Cover Company; 800/423-5525;

Excellent Idea

What it is: Spot weld pliers

Why you care: Now you can blast a spot weld at the tightest point of the joint, thanks to the locking forked jaws and Spot Nozzle in this kit. All you do is attach the spot weld pliers and pull the trigger for 3 seconds for a professional spot weld.

How much are the spot weld pliers?: $34.99

Learn more about the spot weld pliers: Eastwood; 800/343-9353;

Performance Proportioning Valve

What it is: A new combination proportioning valve from Wilwood

Why you care: This proportioning valve maintains isolation between the front and rear fluid circuits so you can use it with a tandem outlet or dual-mount master cylinder. The rear circuit is adjustable to equalize front to rear brake bias and the valve has a built-in, brake-light switch.

How much: The proportioning valve is $80

Learn more about the Performance Porportioning Valve: Wilwood Engineering; 805/388-1188;

C85 Racing Fuel

What it is: C85 is the stable, consistent version of the E85 ethanol mix you get at the filling station.

Why your care: The guys at VP have seen 20 percent variances in E85 from the pump, making consistent tuning a chore. By contrast, C85 is blended with the same care as the rest of the fuels in VPs line. They said it best, “C85 has higher-quality pure components make it superior to E85 in terms of cooling effect, resistance to detonation, and we’ve added corrosion inhibitors to fight the issues presented by ethanol.”

How much: Visit your local VP dealer

Learn more about C85: VP Racing Fuels; 812/878-2025;

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