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Speed Parts: Black Mustang Wheels, Toyo Proxes

Make the 5.0L Mustang Better with new Mustang Wheels

What it is: New Black Mustang wheels from American Racing

Why you care: Blacked-out wheels on the new 5.0L look great, so American Racing created the BLVD line. The Mustang wheels are offered in staggered fitments like 17x7 and 17x8 and include sizes up to 22x11 inches. If you don’t like black Mustang wheels, chrome Mustang wheels are also available.

How much are the Mustang Wheels?: About $1200 per set of black mustang wheels, depending on size and style

Learn more about Mustang Wheels: American Racing; AmericanRacing Black Mustang Wheels

Longer-Lasting Performance Tires

What it is: New high-performance Toyo Proxes 4

Why you care: If you have a muscle car with big wheels and ultra-grip tires, you know they wear out faster than the mud-and-snow stuff on your other car. Bummer. Toyo just launched the Toyo Proxes 4 Plus that grips like it should, is sized for modern muscle cars, and adds longevity.

How much are Toyo Proxes?: Find a dealer at

Learn more: Toyo Proxes Tires;

Place Lotion Joke Here

What it is: Hand Repair Lotion

Why you care: This won’t re-grow your hand or anything, but it will keep it from cracking like dried mud at the end of a wrench-flinging day in the shop.

How much: About $10

Learn more: Permatex;

Brake Cleaner that Works

What it is: New brake cleaner

Why you care: Good news: Gunk has reformulated its aerosol brake cleaner to clean better and dry faster than its predecessor. The secret is, well, a secret—but they did say chlorinated and formula in the press release. Sounds scientific enough. Try some and find out for yourself.

How much: About $10 per can

Learn more: Gunk; 877/464-4865;

New PA GM Street Smart Transmission

What it is: Performance Automatic’s 4L70-E Transmission for your new drivetrain

Why you care: This transmission is designed specifically for the HT383, FB385, and LS376 GM crate engines. The overdrive transmission has all the high-performance goodies inside and is equipped with a deep aluminum pan with a drain, a converter, a controller, mounts, wiring, and all the parts to install the trans in the car. It also has a two-year warranty.

How much: Around $4,000, depending on the kit

Learn more: Performance Automatic; 240/439-4650;

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