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Racepak Data Logger, LS3 Timing Covers

Racepak Data Logger Upgrade

What it is: More V-net channels for your Racepak Data Logger

Why you care: Racers using the Racepak Data logger can now add 12 V-net channels, increasing the total V-net sensor inputs to 18. Upgrades are available in sets of two or four channels and can be mixed and matched depending on your needs.

How much: Two-channel upgrade, $159.00; four-channel upgrade, $299.00

Learn more: Racepak Data Logger; 949/709-5555;

LS3 Timing Covers

What it is: Hamburger Two-Piece Billet LS3 Timing Covers for Gen III LS Engines

Why you care: This unit incorporates an O-ring seal to the bottom half of the cover for a leak-free seal. Its two-piece design allows the upper portion of the cover to be removed for cam changes or timing adjustments while the lower half stays bolted to the front of the block, preserving the oil seal.

How much: $450.00 for LS3 timing covers

Learn more about LS3 timing covers: Hamburger's Performance Products; 562/921-0404;

Good Water Resistant Grease

What it is: AMSOIL Synthetic Multi Purpose Water Resistant Grease

Why you care: The water resistant grease and multi-purpose greases each have different properties that provide for varying types of lubricating needs. Water resistant grease provides exceptional film strength and shear resistance. The corrosion protection seals metal surfaces and chemically fights corrosion. Multi-purpose grease contains corrosion inhibitors that provide oxidation stability and resist thermal and oxidation degradation, which prolongs the life of your equipment.

How much: $11.00

Learn more: AMSOIL; 715/399-8324;

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