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Camaro Race Car Chassis, Speed Parts

New Camaro Race Car Stuff

What it is: ’12 Pro Link Camaro Race Car Drag Race Chassis

Why you care: The Pro Link ’12 Camaro Race Car Sportsman drag race chassis features a 112-inch wheelbase. The standard drag race chassis is fabricated out of mild steel, but a 4130 chromoly version is also available. The rear suspension is Alston’s race-proven Pro Link four-link and the front suspension is a Strange Engineering strut design that can also be fitted with Alston’s double A-arm configuration. The drag race chassis is designed specifically for the ’10-and-later Camaro race car body and is suitable for 7.50–8.50 certification or 25-1E certification in chromoly.

How much: Drag race chassis In kit form, $1,295.00

Learn more: Alston Racing; St. Antioch, IL; 847/395-3500;

What Was That?

What it is: Ol’ Skool Muffler

Why you care: This classic, 50’s-style muffler features a straight-through, louvered baffle design and is made up of aluminized steel. This muffler is recommended for low-compression engines. It sounds right and looks great in famous Cherry Bomb red.

How much: $41.00 each

Learn more: Cherry Bomb; Loudon, TN; 866/869-9704;

Mustang GT Transmission Parts

What it is: Performance Automatic deep aluminum pan and dipstick/filler tube

Why you care: If you have a ’11 to ’12 Mustang with an automatic transmission, this kit adds 3 extra quarts of fluid capacity and a drain plug and fill tube to make service easy.

How much: $229.99

Learn more: Performance Automatic; Gaithersburg, MD; 310/963-8078;

Quick Disconnect

What it is: Electro Wizard Automatic Battery-Disconnect Switch

Why you care: This 12-volt, heavy-duty switch ties into your vehicle’s ignition to kill the battery. When the ignition is turned off, the battery is automatically disengaged with a passive magnetic solenoid, becoming non-operational. There is no mechanical switch to forget to operate. This sealed, waterproof design can take the most severe operating conditions. It’s available with or without a three-minute delay.

How much: Switch with grounded solenoid and battery terminal covers, $119.00; switch with insulated solenoid, terminal covers, and plastic cover, $129.00.

Learn more: Flaming River; Berea, OH; 800/648-8022;

Stereo What?

What it is: Pioneer MixTrax technology for your car stereo

Why you care: Ever been in a driving groove with good-mood tunes on the stereo when a slow-dance prom song comes on and kills your buzz? MixTrax is technology that acts as a DJ to keep the speed metal with the loud music and the reggae with the tropical mix. You can also fiddle with the transitions and mixes to make your car feel like a rock concert.

How much: This technology lives with iPhone/iPod or USB/SD device–enabled systems. Look for it when you buy a stereo. Time to upgrade that AM/FM, dude.

Learn more: Pioneer Electronics; Long Beach, CA;

LS Gauge Control

What it is: Perfect Gauge Controller Why you care: Painless Performance has made it easier to operate aftermarket gauges with your LS engine. This controller takes engine information, such as temperature, oil pressure, and tech readings, from the factory computer and sends them to most aftermarket gauges. The compact unit mounts behind your dash and is out of sight.

How much: Pricing to be determined.

Learn more: Painless Performance; Fort Worth, TX; 817/244-6212;

Drag Racing Heads

What it is: Racing Head Service (RHS) Pro Elite Cylinder Heads

Why you care: These heads are CNC ported and have a 228cc intake and 82cc exhaust ports with a 69cc combustion chamber. They are 23-degree aluminum heads designed for the Chevy small-block.

How much: About $925.00 each, depending on options

Learn more: RHS; Memphis, TN; 877/776-4323;

Street Turbo for Mustangs

What it is: A single-turbo kit for the ’11 5.0L Mustang

Why you care: This kit is 100 percent stainless steel, installs with no vehicle modifications, and comes with ECU calibration. The 88mm turbo will get you 600 hp on a 6-psi base setting and can make up to 1,000 hp if needed.

How much: $6,295.00 for the base kit

Learn more: Hellion Power Systems; Albuquerque; NM; 505/873-4670;

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