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Amsoil Oil, Speed Parts - June 2012

Motor Oil - Yup, More Oil

Yup, More Oil - Amsoil Oil

What it is: Amsoil oil - To quote the company, "The very best motor oil Amsoil has to offer."

Why you care: It's not really a speed part, but you need it anyway. Amsoil oil offers reformulated synthetic oils in any viscosity from 0W-20 to 10W-30 and extend drain intervals to 25,000 miles or one year and 15,000 miles for severe service conditions.

How much:Amsoil oil is $7.00 to $10.00 per bottle

Learn more: Amsoil oil; Superior, WI;

New Atomic Fuel Injection

What it is: A new stand-alone fuel-injection system from MSD for your 4150-flange intake manifold

Why you care: This is an EFI system that bolts on in place of your carburetor in nothing flat. The master kit includes the throttle-body, power module with wide-band O2 sensor, handheld controller, and a fuel-pump kit that supports up to 525 flywheel horsepower.

How much: $2,290.00 for the master kit

Learn more: MSD Performance;

El Paso, TX; 915/855-7123;

Trosley Art

What it is: Personalized portrait of your car

Why you care: Send a photo of your car along with a brief description and Troz will create an 11x14 full-color painting in his well-known cartoon style for your garage or living-room wall.

How much: $199.00

Send to: Trosley; Box 37 Woodlyn, PA 19094 or call 610/521-2377 to speak to the man.

Learn more:

Swap to a Clutch

What it is: '78 to '88 GM A- and G-body manual transmission swap kit

Why you care: You'll never find a manual transmission G-body,* so why not build your own? This kit from Ground Up includes all the original linkage, the Z bar, and all the little bits to swap in a standard transmission. Transmission not included.

How much: $594.95

Learn more: Ground Up; Naugatuck, CT; 866/358-2277;

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