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Lightweight TIG Welder, timing light, Speed Parts, May 2012

Lightweight TIG Welder

What it is: HTP 200-amp lightweight TIG welder that has been scaled down to weigh only 40 pounds

Why you care: Even though it’s small, the Invertig 221 lightweight TIG welder has all the features of a fullsize TIG welder. It allows you to store 64 different welding programs and can be used in AC or DC modes. There are three models to choose from: air-cooled, water-cooled, or dual-voltage. Each lightweight TIG welder comes with a three-year warranty and a 90-day money back guarantee.

How much: $2,495.00 (water-cooled lightweight tig welder)

Learn more: HTP America; Elk Grove Village, IL; 800/USA-WELD;

Dual, 12 inch Low Profile fans

What it is: Maradyne dual-fan low profile fans for your small- or big-block street machine

Why you care: If you have a long water pump or a 6-71 supercharger, these low profile fans, should solve your engine to radiator clearance problems. The low profile fans are 15 inches high by 26 wide by 3.94 deep and have a quiet S-blade design. The wiring kit and adjustable temperature switch are sold separately.

How much: $279.97

Learn more: Maradyne High Performance low profile Fans; Cleveland, OH; 800/435-7953;

More Stuff for Your Timing Light

What it is: Snap-on lightweight, multipurpose timing light

Why you care: The Snap-on guys have gone way beyond adding a flashlight to a timing light. In addition to having the LED light, this tool checks timing, can monitor engine rpm, tests the secondary ignition system, and reads battery voltage.

How much: $359.99 each timing light

Learn more: Snap-on Inc., Kenosha, WI; 262/656-5200;

Steel Alignment Tools

What it is: Ram Clutches clutch-alignment tools for GM and Ford pilot bearings

Why you care: The plastic clutch-alignment tools are great, but the steel versions are more accurate. The shaft has a smaller diameter than the splines, allowing the convenience of installing the flywheel on the engine, slipping the tool into the pilot bearing, and sliding the clutch disc(s) on one at a time.

How much: $64.99

Learn more: RAM Clutches; Columbia, SC; 803/788-6034;

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