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Finally! Cool Car Craft Apparel

Finally CarCraft Shirts & Cool Car Craft Apparel

What it is: Really nice CarCraft shirts

Why you care: “Where do I get a CarCraft shirt?” is the number two question we get asked on a daily basis, right behind, “How do I get my Camaro in the magazine?” So check out the premium, 100 percent cotton CarCraft shirts from They’re the coolest CarCraft shirts we’ve offered in years.

How much: $29.95

Learn more: Piston Driven Manufacturing; Newport Beach, CA; 714/774-9444;

Ford-Approved Mustang Convertible Bodies

What it is

: ’64 to ’66 Mustang convertible bodies

Why you care

: These bodies are made from virgin metal and assembled using modern welding techniques—then rust-proofed before delivery. Ford recommends fit and finish work before painting.

How much

: Call

Learn more: Mustangs Only; Culver City, CA; 323/938-0193;

Killer Small-Block Induction

What it is: Grand Sport cross-ram induction from Jim Inglese

Why you care: Just look at this thing! This cross-ram Weber system was originally designed for Corvette Grand Sport race cars that ran 355-inch small-block Chevys. These aren’t faux carb wannabes—they’re actual DCOE side-draft Weber carburetors. The kit comes complete and adjusted, so only minor tweaking is needed to get your car running.

How much: $5,000.00

Learn more: Jim Inglese Weber Carburetion; North Branford, CT; 203/623-0659;

We Read It

What it is: Collector’s Originality Guide: Challenger & Barracuda 1970-1974, by Jim Schild. Here’s why this book is important: Because these cars are important. Also, because there are many details about E-Bodies that you should know before you buy a used one. The book does a good job as a spotter’s guide—we’re talking VIN codes and all other types of body numbers as well as what you need to know about engines, suspensions, transmissions, wheels, tires, interiors, trim, and more. Other neat stuff includes info about production, accessory groups, and body color schemes, with nice, clean photos detailing everything you’re reading.

Buy it: Motorbooks;

LS Engine Clutches

What it is: This is a new single-plate clutch for LS-powered vehicles, including the Camaro through 2011. The clutch measures 12 inches in diameter, so it will work with the factory 168-tooth flywheel and eliminates the vague feel and high-speed shifting difficulties present with the stock parts in a performance application.

How much: $300 to $550 depending on the application.

Learn more: RAM Clutches; Columbia, SC; 803/788-6034;

Cable-Driven Throttle-Bodies

What it is: These are cable-driven throttle-bodies for the GM LS-series engines. They come in either 92 mm or 100 mm and are designed to use the factory idle air control (IAC) and throttle position sensor (TPS). Now you can swap in an LS engine and keep your factory gas pedal and linkage.

How much: Around $350

Learn more: BBK; Performance Products; Corona, CA; 909/735-2400;

New Mustang Upper Control Arm Mount

What it is: The dual upper control arms on the rearend of Fox Mustangs can fail when the clutch is dumped at the track. The ’11 to ’12 factory Mustang has a single upper control arm connecting the rearend to the body. BMR is looking ahead to reinforce this part with heavy-duty 1⁄4-inch steel plates. The new control arm also has dual mounting holes to adjust instant center for fantastic wheelies.*

How much: $149.95

Learn more: BMR Suspension; North Thonotosassa, FL; 813/986-9302;

*Actual wheelie fantastic-ness may vary.

AMC Rear Disc Brakes

What it is: Rear disc brakes for your ’71 to ’74 AMC

Why you care: In the past, you had to rebuild your drums or fabricate disc brake parts to get a good rear brake system on your AMC M20. Wilwood’s new kit allows installation of an 11-inch rear disc with a parking brake and still fits behind a 15-inch disc brake–style wheel.

How much: $750 to $900 depending on the options you order (PN: 140-11941).

Learn more: Wilwood Engineering; Camarillo, CA; 805/388-1188;

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