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Transmission Computer: Controllers - In Control

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The wiring harnesses on all the controllers look like a bed of snakes due to all the options that must be accommodated. But if all you are looking for is a basic system, making the connections to make the trans work is pretty simple. There are only three connectors that need to be attached to the transmission: the main harness connector, a transmission input shaft sensor (TISS), and the transmission output sensor (TOSS). The Painless Torc abbreviates that even further by only using the TISS connection. The remaining connections generally involve a constant 12-volt source, a switched 12-volt source, a good ground tied directly to the battery, and an rpm signal. The Torc system is simpler, as it does not require the rpm trigger or the constant 12-volt source. During our testing, we set the car up for quick-change electrical connections and had each box running in less than half an hour. Of course, we cheated and didn't mount any of the boxes in the car. It appears the hardest part of the entire installation would be routing the wires and mounting the box in a professional manner.

Application Chart

Controller GM Transmissions Ford Transmissions
4L60E/4L65E AODE/4R70W
4L80E/4L85E E4OD/4R100
GM CMPP Supermatic YES NO
Painless Torc YES YES
PCS Simple Shift YES YES

The following is a list of the popular electronic overdrive transmissions. Not all of these controllers will work with these transmissions.

Overdrive Automatic Transmissions

Transmissions Gear ratios
First Second Third Fourth
GM 4L60E/4L65E 3.06 1.63 1.00 0.70
GM 4L80E/4L85E 2.48 1.48 1.00 0.75
Ford AOD-E 2.40 1.47 1.00 0.67
Ford 4R70W 2.84 1.55 1.00 0.69
Mopar 40RE/42RE/44RE 2.74 1.54 1.00 0.69
Mopar 46RE/47RE/48RE 2.45 1.45 1.00 0.69

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I have a 93 chevy c1500 with a carbed 355 and 4L60E. The trans has a 2400 stall and custom shift kit, and I recently installed the EZ-TCU on it. I ran the stock TBI engine with the rebuilt trans for a while and it worked great with the stock computer control, but as soon as I installed the TCI unit, the 2-3 shift hesitates under 3/4 to full throttle. I have adjusted the shift firmness/agressiveness, high and low rpm shift points, max shift rpm (set at 5000 for allowance to go up to 5800 like advised in the article, and any other adjustment I can find. Regardless of how I adjust the settings, it always hesitates going into 3rd and allows the truck to wind up to about 6200. I have replaced the control box with a new unit through TCI, and I still have the same problem. Can you guys at CC recommend a course of action for me?

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