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CNC Cylinder heads, Custom Fuel Cells

By Car Craft Staff

CNC Cylinder Heads: LS3 Heads

What it is: Factory CNC cylinder heads for your new Camaro, Corvette, or LS-swapped muscle car

Why you care: These 276cc CNC cylinder heads flow nearly 370 cfm on the intake and 262 cfm on the exhaust at 0.700-inch lift. Those are great advertising numbers, but the real trick is the 340/247-cfm flow numbers at 0.500 lift. The CNC cylinder heads retain the stock 68cc chamber, so you don’t have to worry about too much compression, and have 2.165/1.59-inch valves that fit any LS engine with a 4-inch- or-larger bore.

How much: $700.00 each (assembled)

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GM Performance Parts
Warren, MI

Custom Fuel Cells

What it is: A fuel cell for any vehicle

Why you care: MetalWorx offers affordable fuel cells built to your specifications, with the option of either a stock filler neck or a flush-mounted chrome cap. The cells are made from 1⁄8-inch aluminum and are polished, baffled, and include a one-year warranty.

How much: Custom parts have custom prices. Call them.

Learn more:
MetalWorx Inc.
Home Mills, NC

Twin-Sump Oil Pans

What it is: A badass oil pan for your Fox Mustang

Why you care: If you built a small-block Ford engine like a 347, the pumping action can foam the oil and blow it away from the pickup, causing problems at high rpm. This dual-sump, 7-quart oil pan will solve those problems. The pans are designed for 289 to 347-inch and 351 to 410-inch Windsor engines and will fit in ’78 to ’93 Fox-body Mustangs.

How much: $434.56

Learn more:
B&B by Stef’s
Lakewood, NJ

Coyote C4 Transmission Upgrade

What it is: A transmission that will take a 1,000hp pounding

Why you care: This is a complete transmission upgrade for your ’11-and-newer 5.0L Mustang. The kit includes an SFI flexplate, a block plate, a lock-top dipstick and fill tube, and bellhousing and hardware. You will also get a custom Pro Launch converter built to your specs.

How much: Call for your application.

Learn more:
Performance Automatic
Gaithersburg, MD

Holley LS Intakes

What it is: Holley’s new intake manifolds for LS engines

Why you care: Holley is about to blow the market away with a dizzying variety of intakes for LS engines. Carbureted or EFI, it doesn’t matter—Holley has you covered. Dual-plane or tunnel-ram? They’ve got it all. If you’re planning an LS buildup, check with Holley. The company has been swapping LS engines into about a dozen of its own shop cars and has developed nearly any part you’d need to do the job.

How much: Depends on which one you buy.

We say: We don’t want to let the cat out of the bag just yet, but you can expect a comprehensive intake test soon.

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Bowling Green, KY

By Car Craft Staff
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