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1987 Ford Mustang - The Legend Of Ron Burgundy

Cheap Car = Big Fun

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"I love my job!" squealed Julia, director of video operations, as she clung to the back of the passenger seat trying to steady the camera while we executed the fifth or sixth smoking donut in Ron Burgundy, our new project beater. The car had begun to fill with smoke and the wipers had suddenly come on. There was a man running along the side of the car. "Who the hell is that?” someone yelled over the screaming engine. It sounded like a girl's voice, but it could have been any one of us. Five more spins and an attempt was made to straighten out the car and get the show going in one direction. Rental cops deployed from the nearby bagel shop, but their golf carts were no match. We were gone, leaving only a swirly, squiggly, tire-tread reminder of Ron's awesomeness. Back in the safety of the Car Craft shop, we decided it was time for a turbo.

None of this fun would have been possible if shop metal-bender Grant Peterson hadn't been fool enough to volunteer to buy a beater for us to abuse. After testing himself against the crystal meth tweakers and other questionable types that own said Fox Mustangs in the Los Angeles area, Grant proved victorious by e-scoring an unbelievably minty '87 Mustang notch for only two grand. We high-fived and rubbed it in the faces of the Hot Rod and 5.0 Mustang and Super Fords magazine guys until 5.0's KJ Jones pointed out that it was actually a four-cylinder car with a really clean 5.0 swap. Thanks a lot, KJ. But we didn't care—we added a turbo anyway. Jealous? Don't be. You can enjoy your life as much as we do ours by buying a Fox Mustang and boosting it to the moon. See if you can top our smoke show and send video or a photo of at least 1 mb. Do it now. No one lives forever.

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