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Ford Panther Platform Wheel Widening - Build A Panther Part 6 The Wheel Widening Edition

Wheel Widening for the Crown Victoria

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There are about a million reasons why wheel widening a set of factory wheels is a good idea. Often, the wheel widening procedure costs less than buying new wheels. You generally can have them made to whatever offset you want, and they look good. Automobile manufacturers spend a fortune designing a car, and they often the get it right from the beginning. Widening a set of OE wheels is a great way to keep you car looking stock as you build it up, assuming you are into the whole sleeper vibe.

Pico Wheel & Tire has been family owned and operated since 1920. Current owner Garry Stevens took over operation of the business from its founder, his grandfather Christopher Burdick, and business is still pretty good, even in this era of cheap, cast-aluminum, aftermarket wheels. He is able to widen or narrow nearly any kind of wheel available, and the prices are very reasonable. Aluminum wheels will cost more than steel, and wheel widening prices will vary depending on how much wider (or narrower—Stevens can make a set of skinny front-runners for you, too) you want them.

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