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Small Block Chevy Belt Drive Kit, AMC Supercharger Kit

Billet Blower Whine

What it is: Millerspeed’s new front dress belt drive kit for small block Chevy

Why you care: Millerspeed’s new belt drive kit is a simple way to upgrade the look and performance of your small block Chevy engine or dress that new crate motor. This belt drive kit is designed for a long water pump and features 2-inch-wide cog pulleys that eliminate belt slippage and throwing, increase horsepower, and have a cool blower-belt whine. Included are trick billet mounting brackets, an alternator fan, serpentine power steering pulleys, a heavy-duty cog belt, and stainless steel mounting hardware. All components are precision CNC-machined in the USA using aircraft-grade 6061-T6 billet aluminum and come brilliantly polished. Anodized finishes are also available to suit your taste. Millerspeed also offers a variety of other kits for both big and small block Chevy and Ford applications, with kits available in 1- or 2-inch belt widths for use with or without power steering and A/C.

How much: The Small block Chevy belt drive kit is $739.95

We say: We dyno-tested a Millerspeed system in the Dec. ’09 issue and gained 10 hp at 5,500 rpm by simply changing from stock V-belt pulleys.

Learn more: Millerspeed; Hermosa Beach, CA; 310/408-8798;

AMC Supercharger Kit!

What it is: ProCharger superchargers for AMCs from The Supercharger Store

Why you care: If you are using an AMC engine and want to significantly step up your performance while maintaining excellent street manners, this is for you. Kits are available from 400 hp to 1,500 hp on pump gas. They are complete and include everything you need to make big AMC power.

How much: Kits start at $3995.00.

Learn more: The Supercharger Store; Huachuca City, AZ; 520/456-9706;

Stealth 340 Fuel Pump

What it is: A high-perfromance in-tank pump from Aeromotive

Why you care: The Stealth 340 is a direct replacement for more than 65 OE applications, so upgrading the fuel system after adding a blower or turbo just got a lot easier. The 340 flows 340 lph (about 89 gallons) at 40 psi feeding more than 850 hp using a turbine-style pumping system that allows more fuel flow at high pressure. The pump can be used with pulse-width modulation systems without the risk of damage.

How much: $174.95

Learn more: Aeromotive Inc.; Lenexa, KS; 913/647-7300;

LS-Swap Parts

What it is: Stef’s LS-swap oil filter adapter

Why you care: The horizontally mounted oil filter adapter allows you to use aftermarket steel pans on factory or aftermarket blocks by moving the filter away from the block. It also allows for header clearance and comes with two AN -8 bungs for remote oil cooler hoses.

How much: $240.30

Learn more: Stef’s Fabrication Specialties; Lakewood, NJ; 732/367-8700;

While We’re on the Chevy Theme

What it is: A torque arm rear suspension kit for ’70 to ’73 Camaros and Firebirds.

Why you care: We wouldn’t be Camaro Craft without running an F-car product in this section, so here you go. BMR’s new torque arm conversion is cool because you can lose the heavy leaf springs for a superior suspension system. The torque arm allows more suspension articulation without binding. That means your car will remain planted and stable in hard corners. The torque arm comes with Delrin bushings and a pinion angle adjuster, and the Watt’s link allows finite changes to the rear roll center compared with a Panhard bar. Sound good? It can be made to fit 10- and 12-bolt GM axles as well as a Ford 9-inch. Other positives: It’s a bolt-in kit. Negatives: The coilovers are sold separately.

How much: $1999.95 for the GM axles, $2,499 for the 9-inch version.

Learn more: BMR Suspension; Thonotosassa, FL; 813/986-9302;

Circle-Track Stuff for the Street

What it is: HI-6RC circle-track ignition box

Why you care: Not only does this box have a sequential rev limiter but it also has a 20-degree start retard for high- compression engines. The box uses a lightweight aluminum housing to take heat, vibration, and possibly mud.

We say: It also acts as a multiple-spark ignition box.

How much: $299.47

Learn more: Crane Cams; Daytona Beach, FL; 866/388-5120;

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