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Wilwood Brakes, Mustang Boss book

Wilwood Brake Sale!

What it is: Wilwood Brakes Forged Superlite 6R big brake systems for ’94 to ’04 SN-95 Mustangs

Why you care: This Wilwood brakes kit allows you to bolt a set of 13-inch rotors with six- piston calipers onto the front of your New Edge Mustang. The kit is perfect for cars with larger wheel and tire packages and gives enough performance to handle track-day flogging. In addition to the front systems, Wilwood brakes has a special deal on the rear parking brake system when you buy the rear 13-inch GT curved vane rotors.

How much are the Wilwood brakes? $1,149.00 for the fronts and $849.00 for the rear parking brake kit. Prices are good until September 30, 2011.

Learn more: Wilwood; Camarillo, CA; 805/388-1188;

New Mustang Boss Book

What it is: Mustang Boss 302: From Racing Legend to Modern Muscle Car

Why you care: This book contains not only a history of the original Mustang Boss but also covers the new Mustang Boss coming in the ’12 model year. This is a Ford-licensed history, so we are going to assume it will have lots of technical tidbits and historical accuracy only a factory can bring you. The book is 160 pages long with 266 photos, and it’s written by Mustang Monthly’s Donald Farr, with a forward by Parnelli Jones.

How much: $30.00

Learn more: Quayside Publishing Group; St. Minneapolis MN; 800/458-0454;

Four-point Strut-Tower Brace

What it is: A fifth-gen four-point strut-tower brace

Why you care: This might be the first strut-tower brace for the fifth-gen Camaro, and we knew it was coming. This one has a combination of 1- and 1.25-inch DOM tubing connected to some billet aluminum strut retainers for a little shine. The brace clears both the V6 and V8 engines and allows removal of the engine cover.

How much: $219.95

Learn more: BMR Suspension; North, Thonotosassa, FL; 813-986-9302;

Yesss! Motor Oil

What it is: Liquid Titanium motor oil

Why you care: The guys at Kendall have launched a new line of GT-1 lubricants with an additive package that will keep your parts from slipping off each other. Better additives means the engine can take more heat and more punishment for more miles, as the oil bonds to critical hot spots to reduce friction. The EPA recently tested the products and confirmed they pass the GF-5 specifications on fuel economy—meaning using this oil can save fuel.

We say: Kendall was the first company to extend oil changes to 2,000 miles, hence the two-finger salute on the bottle.

Learn more:

Power Steering For Your Falcon

What it is: Complete rack-and-pinion conversion for your Falcon

Why you care: If you have a ’60 to ’65 Falcon, you can convert the steering to a power rack-and-pinion using this system from Flaming River. The kit needs no welding or fabrication to install. It simply bolts into place using the factory mounting holes.

How much: $2,190.00

Learn more: Flaming River Industries; Berea, OH; 440/824-2165;

PerTronix Power Relay Kit

What it is: A ballast resistor bypass relay kit

Why you care: If you still have points on your pre-’74 car and are thinking about switching to a 12-volt HEI, this kit eliminates the factory ballast resistor that reduces voltage for the points system. It also helps to provide a steady 12 volts to the ignition system for reliable spark.

How much: $29.95

Learn more: PerTronix; San Dimas, CA; 909/599-5955;

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