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Killer Boss 429 Induction

What it is: Kaase’s stack injection for the Boss 429

Why you care: We loved the picture engine builder Jon Kaase sent with the press release and knew we had to run it in the magazine. Kaase managed to hide a plenum under the stacks that improves driveability. The plenum equalizes the vacuum among all the cylinders, giving you a smooth idle, good throttle response, and a consistent source of manifold vacuum to run a power brake booster. It also provides a reliable signal to the MAP sensor, which translates into more precise fuel control of his Boss 429.

How much: If you have to ask . . . .

We say: Who would have thought we’d be talking about smooth idle and fuel economy when discussing a Boss 429?

Learn more: Jon Kaase Racing Engines; Winder, GA; 770/307-0241;

Big Brakes for the Back

What it is: New rear disc brake kits for ’59 to ’64 Chevys

Why you care: If you swapped your drums to front disc brakes or are thinking about it, the hassle has always been what to do with the rears. Wilwood just introduced two new rear disc brake kits that include internal parking brake designs. The 11-inch kit is for guys with a factory rearend housing and 15-inch wheels; the 12.19-inch kit is for those of you who upgraded to 13-inch or larger front systems and larger wheels. You can order the black-finish calipers with standard rotors or the drilled and slotted rotors with red powdercoated calipers.

How much: The big red kit is $844.50 from Summit.

Learn more: Wilwood Engineering; Camarillo, CA; 805/388-1188;

Nip/Tuck for Your Third-Gen

What it is: Classic Industries’ bumper covers for third-gen Camaros

Why you care: Like an aging Hollywood starlet, the front ends of these cars wrinkle and sag over time. Classic Industries is your plastic surgeon here, offering new front and rear bumper covers for all years of the third-gen Camaros. They are made with high-strength urethane to original specifications. Classic Industries also sells the Z28 and IROC-Z ground effects if your patient needs more work than just a nose job.

How much: $299.99 for the ’85 to ’92 front bumper

We say: We squeezed some mileage out of that plastic surgeon thing, huh?

Learn more: Classic Industries; Huntington Beach, CA; 714/847-6887;

Suitable for Framing

What it is: Dynotech Engineering’s S197 Mustang driveshaft

Why you care: Normally we wouldn’t care what a driveshaft looks like. As long as they don’t break, we really don’t give them much thought. We probably should be paying more attention, however, because the driveshaft can be one of those horsepower-sapping parts, and replacing a heavy driveshaft with a much lighter one can free up some power at the wheels. The S197 Mustangs (’05 to present) come with relatively heavy two-piece driveshafts that are approximately 45 pounds. A popular upgrade is an aluminum, one-piece driveshaft. Dynotech sells two versions for this application, a 31⁄2-inch steel, and a 4.0-inch aluminum driveshaft. Both are computer-welded and high-speed balanced. They weigh 13 and 21 pounds less than stock, respectively.

How much: The steel version sells for $559; an aluminum one will set you back $749.

We say: Ideally, you should adjust either the upper or lower trailing arms, because a one-piece driveshaft will alter the pinion angle slightly.

Learn more: Dynotech Engineering Services; Troy, MI; 800/633-5559;


What it is: Meguiar’s DynaCone wheel polishing kit. How’s that for a name?

Why you care: This is Meguiar’s take on the ubiquitous twist-drill wheel polishing tool. The polishing pad is diamond shaped to better reach around and behind complex curves, and the foam material is tough, so it won’t get chewed up the first time you use it. The kit comes with all-metal polish and a pad cleanser to clean the grime off the pad when you’re finished.

How much: Look for it at your local auto parts store for about $25.

We say: Everything sounds cooler with Dyna in front of it.

Learn more: Meguiar’s; Irvine, CA; 800/347-5700;

For those of you old enough to remember, one of the earliest automatic transmissions was the DynaFlow in the ’48 Buick. No one here is old enough to remember. . . .

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