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Electric Piston Ring Filer - Testing And Prices

We Test It!

Electric Piston Ring Filer From Proform

We've been sawing away at our ring gaps for years with a hand file and a jig that was likely designed in the late 1800s. Sometime in the last 100 years, someone invented the electric piston ring filer you see here. We've been ogling ones like it but balked at the near $1,000 price tag. The price has recently dropped dramatically, so we saved up some cash and ordered this battery-powered electric piston ring filer / gapper from Proform. Here's how it works.

How much is the electric piston ring filer?: $229.95 from Summit Racing; PN 66765

Learn more: Proform Parts; Roseville, MI; 586/774-2500;

Turbo Pistons From Diamond

What it is: A set of drag-racing pistons that can handle 25 pounds of boost

Why you care: It's no secret that boost is big right now, but sometimes the rotator isn't up to the task. These pistons from Diamond feature a 0.260-inch crown and tool-steel pins to handle the heat that boost creates. The piston also has extra oil ports to cool and lubricate the pin and a pressure balance groove to keep the rings from lifting. The pistons are available off the shelf or can be custom ordered with a seven- to ten-day turnaround.

How much: The stock sets start at $815. Custom pistons have custom prices.

Learn more: Diamond Pistons; Clinton Township, MI; 877/552-2112;

Period-Correct, Straight-Axle Kits From Nickey Chevrolet

What it is: These are re-released, period-correct straight-axle kits to build your next Funny Car, Gasser, A/FX, or unusual street machine. They fit '62 to '67 Novas and '55 to '57 Chevys.

Why you care: Funny Cars are cool, so you should build a replica and drive it to Taco Bell.

How much: You can have one for $4,150, or call Dusty's Garage-mention Car Craft and get one for $3,999.

Learn more: Dusty's Garage; Baldwin, WI; 715/684-7834;

The Ultra-Gate38 Wastegate

What it is: This is a redesigned version of the 38mm wastegate from Turbosmart.

Why you care: The 38 is lighter, smaller, and has a locking collar instead of clumsy nuts and bolts for quick spring changes. If you are looking for enough airflow to properly ventilate boost, the Ultra-Gate38, Comp-Gate40, and Hyper-Gate45 have you covered.

How much: The 38s are $299 each.

Learn more: Turbosmart USA; Rancho Cucamonga, CA; 909/476-2570;

'10 Camaro Suspension Upgrades

What it is: Gen-five Camaro suspension bushing kits

Why you care: If you have a new Camaro, you also have rubber bushings that move around during spirited driving and eventually rot away. Prothane has addressed this age-old problem with a new set of bushings designed for your new car.

Learn more: Prothane; Costa Mesa, CA; 888/776-8426;

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