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Ford Windsor Slant-Edge Valve Covers - Speed Parts

What it is: Geardrive assemblies from Chris Alston’s Chassisworks

Why you care: Yes, these are a really impressive way to mount a (or a pair of) supercharger(s), but they have a practical purpose, too. A geardrive system can be more reliable and place less of a load on the crank and supercharger bearings than a beltdrive. Getting rid of the belt also eliminates the worry of tossing one at the track and losing your boost during a run. We’ve seen that happen a lot lately as people are cranking up the boost. Chassisworks has systems for Ford Windsor as well as small block, big block, and LS Chevys that will house most Vortech and ProCharger superchargers.

How much: Call Chris to find out.

We say: They look incredibly intimidating.

Learn more: Chris Alston’s Chassisworks; Sacramento, CA; 888/388-0297;


What it is: Slant-Edge valve covers for Ford Windsor from proform

Why you care: These are tall valve covers that are designed to clear roller rocker arms. They are made from cast aluminum and are available in a variety of finishes. The baffles are cast in and Proform also throws in the breather grommets and hardware, ’cause it’s cool like that. According to its website, these are for carbureted engines only, though. Sorry, 5.0L guys.

How much: Summit has them in stock and ready to ship today for $229.95.

We say: Everything sounds cooler with Slant Edge after it.

Learn more: Proform Parts; Roseville, MI; 586/774-2500;

We Test It

Champ Tools Shop Equipment

Auto Body Toolmart is one of our favorite online retailers for all things body and fender. Not only does it sell tools, abrasives, and paint, but it’s also the manufacturer of Champ Frame Equipment, a line of frame-pulling tools and shop equipment. The folks there were cool enough to send us some examples of the latter for a review.

Whether you have a tiny carport or a McMansion warehome, storage is an extremely valuable commodity. What is even more valuable, however, is a storage system that’s convenient. Champ’s 3-shelf parts rack is a simple rolling shelf unit, but in your workspace it’s much more. It’s made from heavy-gauge steel so it holds a ton of stuff; it’s simple to put together; and measuring 20 by 48 by 60 inches, it doesn’t take up too much valuable floor space. Currently, we’ve got it loaded with detailing supplies, sandpaper, sanding blocks, and several rolls of tape. It’s very convenient to roll it around the car as you work, so whatever you need is right there next to you.

Champ’s 4-foot folding work platform is another simple product that has earned its keep. It’s made from the same material as the parts rack. The legs are adjustable so the platform can be made shorter or taller, and they also fold flat, allowing it to stand it when it’s not in use. Painters use this workspace to spray the tops of vans, trucks, and taller cars, but you don’t need to be a painter to appreciate the convenience it affords. We’ve used it for detailing the roof of a police car (even with lowering springs, it is still too tall) and supporting that same car’s heavy and awkward-to-move instrument panel during a recent wiring nightmare. It was at the perfect height we needed to slide the dash in and out of the car. There is no downside to these products. If you need even more convincing, Champ tools are made in the USA.


Description PN Price
3-shelf parts rack PN 1410 $279.99
4-foot folding work platform PN 1400 $179.99

Learn more: Auto Body Toolmart; Elgin, IL, 800/382-1200;

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