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Chevy Astro Van Hydroboost Salvage - Junkyard Builder

Astro Van Hydroboost

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Sometimes even minivans have value when you are harvesting parts for your next build. The imported ones don't have much to offer, but the domestic MILF wagons like the Chevy Astro Van feature USA parts that are ripe for the picking. No you say? How about a junkyard hydroboost for your Chevelle? The hydroboost almost bolts itself on and can be had for low, low money. All it takes is a trip to the boneyard and a dead Chevy Astro Van. Get to pickin!

Chevy Astro Van Hydroboost: PARTS
Junkyard hydroboost NA Chevy Astro Van $85.00 plus core
Shock extensions 1290 Mr Gasket 18.00
-6 N18 x 1.5 male 791615 XRP 12.95
-6 N16 x 1.5 male 791805 XRP 12.95
-6 steel braided line NA Lee Manufacturing 40.00 each

Westside Performance
Los Angeles
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I too am looking into this setup.Guys, you USE the Astro Master Cylinder. I read some concerns about the brakes self applying and wondered if the Power steering pump from a Mid 80's pickup with a 6.2L diesel would work better, because it has two fittings for low pressure return. Heck possibly the whole setup from that truck might work. ( I work on them every day as we still run them in the PA. National Guard. Let me know how it fits on that G Body, I have an 84 El Camino with a lot of Cam and poor brakes. I also did the CC Serpentine belt swap. LOVE IT!


Where did the brake master cylinder come from? The MC used in the cover photo uses two separate reservoirs with separate caps. The two reservoirs in photo two (from the Astro van and Chevelle) are completely different. I would think the master cylinder details would be critical to make this work.


I have a 86 monte ss I am planning to switch to hydro boost. I thought the article in the may issue was great. Are most gm cars the same bolt pattern where it bolts to the firewall? What bore size master cylinder is needed for me to use the astro setup in the monte? Will having an underdrive pulley on the crank adversely affect the performance or will the accumulator take care of that?

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