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The Wrenchrat Twin-Turbo Kit - New Parts

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The Test
If you look at the numbers in the dyno-day sidebar, you are going to see that the turbos doubled the boost from 10.4 pounds to 21 pounds and picked up an additional 377 lb-ft of torque between 3,500 and 4,500 rpm, right in the sweet spot. We are always saying that torque equals a good e.t. and horsepower makes for a good trap speed. This system does both with a torque peak of 978 lb-ft at 4,300-rpm and a horsepower peak of 936 at 6,400.

After some tuning runs, we made this number using 25 degrees of timing total and 86 primary and 94 secondary jets in the 850 Holley. To control detonation, we used Rockett Brand 114 race fuel and a methanol injection kit from Snow Performance.

To run this combo on pump gas and cruise, we'd need to dial out a lot of exhaust pressure with the wastegates and use an MSD BTM to control timing on the street.

Next Stop
We made whopping power on the first installation of the Wrenchrat kit and opened the door to a lot of questions. Cam, carb, and cylinder head size will be a factor in where and how much power the system makes. In the usual Car Craft fashion, we went for the big number first to have a little fun. In fact, we have an even bigger set of Brodix 233 heads and a 420-inch small-block being assembled right now at Westside Performance as a dyno mule. Using that combo, we are going to get scientific and figure out what the best twin-turbo combination is for street and strip.

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