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Low-Tech EFI Pump and Return Solutions
Mac Miller; Portland, OR: Another solution to the return fuel line question posed by Michael Dalton in the Nov. '10 issue is to run the return line to the fuel tank filler tube. I did this on my '66 El Camino when installing an Edelbrock EFI system. I removed the fuel filler tube from the car, installed a return line fitting low in the tube in an unexposed position, and sealed the fitting with MarineTex epoxy, a readily available adhesive made for fuel and vibration environments. After reinstallation, I drove the car for years with no problems. This is a pretty low-tech solution, but it was convenient, safe, and kept the return flow of fuel as far from the fuel pump intake line as possible.

Cristian Klinefelter; Bloomington, MN: Michael Dalton wrote about his '82 Chevy pickup and a fuel system for adding TPI. I installed a TPI in my '78 K20, and while researching the fuel delivery system, I learned that '86 C/K trucks offered FI available with an in-tank fuel pump. The TBI pump only runs on 10 to 15 psi, but the stock TPI F-body pump has the same dimensions and fits in the C/K TBI sending unit. I used a new tank and sending unit for the '86, installed the '88 F-body TPI fuel pump, and used the vapor line as my return. It has worked fantastically for the last seven years. Just thought I could help a fellow car crafter.

Jeff Smith: This just shows the resourcefulness of Car Craft readers. Great job, guys.

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