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Choosing The Proper Garage Car Lift - What's Your Problem?

CC Quickies
Here is a Trosley cartoon of our upcoming Dodge Demon project. We don't know whose mummy that is.

This is dangerous. The slicks on Ted Toki's '55 were old and starting to crack. Then we noticed the word blem stenciled on the side. We were lucky it didn't detonate at 600 rwhp. Don't try this at your dyno day-the operator will likely expel you.

We spotted this Carrillo fastener on an engine parked at Westside Performance waiting for final assembly. A 7/16-inch rod bolt like this one has infinite torquing capacity if you use a stretch gauge, a 285,000-psi tinsel strength, and costs $50. That's $800 in rod bolts for your small-block Chevy.

This is the left-side timing chain tensioner and guide from the 4.6L Ford in John McGann's Crown Victoria. There should be no hole in the guide, and the yellow plastic coating should reach the end of the guard. Over 166,000 miles, the chain ate through the guide and began wearing the tip of the tensioner piston.

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