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Chevrolet 5.3L LS Budget Engine Build - 644HP Junkyard 5.3L

Buy A Budget LS Engine, Add A Cam, Carburetor, Headers, And-Oh Yeah-A Procharger Centrifugal Blower, Mix 'Em Together To Build A...

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When in Doubt, Adapt
After converting over to our aluminum block 5.3L motor to do the testing, we spoke with the ProCharger people and they told us they are working on a kit that will adapt the power steering mount to an iron LS block that is missing that one essential bolt boss. We came up with what might be a workable solution. In the accompanying photo, arrow 1 points to the one threaded boss that is common between the iron and aluminum blocks. Arrow 2 points to a threaded boss on the aluminum block that is on the iron block but must be drilled and tapped. Arrow 3 points to the boss on the aluminum engines that is missing on the iron block. If we made a 1/2-inch-thick aluminum plate that bolted to an iron block using bolt bosses 1 and 2, we could drill and tap the plate for boss 3 and merely shorten the aluminum spacers by 1/2 inch and mount the adapter to the iron block. That would allow us to use a cheap, iron 5.3L motor with the Procharger blower.

Used 5.3L iron-block long-block N/A Craigslist $300.00
Quick Fuel blow-through 650 SS-650-BAN Quick Fuel 693.00
Fel-Pro head gasket 9292PT Rock Auto 14.71 (2)
Posi-Lock three-jaw puller 104 Sears/Craftsman 79.95*
ProCharger LS P1SC kit 1LS100-P1SC Supercharger Store 3,696.00
Water-injection system Stage 1 Supercharger Store 790.00*
Comp 269Lr hydraulic roller 54-456-11 Summit Racing 396.95
Comp LS-X timing set 7106 Summit Racing 126.95
Comp beehive valvesprings 26918-16 Summit Racing 187.95
Comp hydraulic roller lifters 875-16 Summit Racing 219.95*
Comp Hi-Tech pushrods 7955-16 Summit Racing 134.95
ATI balancer 918853 Summit Racing 477.42
ATI crank pin kit, LS1 918993 Summit Racing 117.60*
Edelbrock Victor Jr. intake 29087 Summit Racing 269.75
Fel-Pro intake gasket 13123 Summit Racing 25.88
MSD 6LS ignition controller 6010 Summit Racing 309.95
MSD LS1 plug wires, black 32823 Summit Racing 65.95
ARP head bolt set 134-3609 Summit Racing 152.95
ARP intake bolt set 430-2001 Summit Racing 47.95*
ARP crank bolt 234-2503 Summit Racing 28.95*
Autolite race plugs (8) AR474 Summit Racing 21.52
Grand total $6,888.64
*Options not included in the Grand Total

Automotive Racing Products
1863 Eastman Avenue
CA  93003
Quick Fuel Technology
129 Dishman Lane
Bowling Green
KY  42101
Comp Cams
3406 Democrat Road
TN  38118
Edelbrock (Carbs)
14801 W. 114th Terrace
KS  66215
ATI Performance Products
6747 Whitestone Road
MD  21207
Rock Auto
6680 Odana Road
WI  53719
The Supercharger Store
314 W Highway 82
Huachuca City
AZ  85616
39 Old Ridgebury Road
CT  06810
El Paso
Federal-Mogul Corporation
26555 Northwestern Hwy.
MI  48033
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Cathy Hall
Cathy Hall

It really doesn't matter what engine you build as long as the mechanic knows what their doing and I think the mechanics at fast are the best. Way to go Travis and the crew!!!

Age Cobra
Age Cobra

You don't a lot of cubes and the best big block are Fords and ChryCos.I never pit Aerican Muscle over each other anymore.It is Muscle vs imports.

James Hayward
James Hayward

Buicks arent high winders but pull like freight trains.......ive got a 70 buick gsx, 455, stage 1, 4spd , all original, and runs like a raped ape...........

Peter Papaleo
Peter Papaleo

No find three so when the first two blow up you have a third spare

Peter Papaleo
Peter Papaleo

Umm I didn't think the 5.3&4.8 were ls engines. Aren't they Vortec truck engines?

Craig Serrano
Craig Serrano

I'd go 4.8L with a turbo, if these guys can tune them and squeeze 6-700hp out of a stock bottom end, cam, and a pair of heads, and get 30mpg. Why would you need anything more on the street? Other than more's never enough:)

Bob Strongarms
Bob Strongarms

LS = easy HP in a compact & lightweight package. No need for a big block anymore unless you really want to run one.

Branden Knives Ross
Branden Knives Ross

as sweet as the buick 455 is, the block simply cannot sustain much more than 600 horse, not that you need much more than that

Christopher Spielvogel
Christopher Spielvogel

its easy! big turbo on jy LSx motor and start stacking up spares bcuause they pop like poprocks.

Michael Palombo
Michael Palombo

LM7, 5.3L stroker engine from the chevy trailblazer- can be boosted up to 1000hp! On stock internals!

Ted David Burrell
Ted David Burrell

Love the mix of new and old. Too bad this one appears to be coil-on-plug powered. Those aluminum heads must be worth their weight in gold!

Ken Dennis
Ken Dennis

woodstock woody...step 2 take ford motor in for scrap beg for gm back take ford scrap money get a coffee and get back to building

Teahartea Vatara
Teahartea Vatara

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Gene Stribling
Gene Stribling

we don't like them if we got one for free and all the parts for it we say no

Doug Nelson
Doug Nelson

Im doing a 5.3 in my 76 nova. Help me go low buck... Please. Like under $1000.

Don Morris
Don Morris

You can make over a 1000 hp on a small block

Matt Pound
Matt Pound

$4,000 you can have 800whp all day with a 5.3

Scott Petty
Scott Petty

I don't consider $7,000 a budget build. I could have an inline 6 with more power for the same cash.

Scott Petty
Scott Petty

nevermind. Budget build = $7,000. lmao.

Dennis Jones
Dennis Jones

LQ4 with Twin Turbos that is my dream engine

Michel Loup
Michel Loup

or pontiac sd 421 dual 4bbl 488 hp stock

Michel Loup
Michel Loup

302 dz best smal block or 454 best big block

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