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January 2011 New Car Craft Products - Speed Shop

New stuff from the Speed Shop

New Year, New Tools
What It Is: New wrenches from Craftsman
Why You Care: Geez-do you need to ask? If you don't love staring at a tool catalog, you have no right reading this magazine. Even better than a catalog is going to your local Sears store and checking out the tools in person, and you'll like these combination wrenches when you see them. The funny-looking teeth inside the box end are designed to grab 6- and 12-point bolts as well as external Torx, square, and spline-shaped fasteners. They will also grip many rounded-out fasteners and may save your butt when that unfortunate situation arises. The box end ratchets, so you don't have to lift the wrench off of the fastener; you can just keep on cranking.
How Much: It's sold as a seven-piece set with a caddy, and the retail price is $49.99.
We Say: The ratcheting box wrench may indeed be one of man's greatest inventions.
Learn More: Craftsman Tools; Sears, Roebuck, and Co.;

Reduce Sliding Friction
What It Is: Slip Plate dry-film graphite lubricant
Why You Care: Because, according to the company's literature, it "is a naturally hydrophobic material that resists rain, snow, and mud." Spray this stuff on just about any surface, and good luck getting anything to stick to it. We're guessing it works anywhere parts come together but aren't supposed to stick together, such as hinges, latches, trailer hitches, and stuff like that. It's probably not good for tires, though. This is a dry-film coating-it dries tack-free in 15 minutes.
How Much: You can buy it in bulk directly from the website; a case of six 12-ounce cans will cost $57.00. It is also sold through McMaster-Carr and Grainger, so you can probably buy individual cans that way.
We Say: You wouldn't want this stuff under your hairpiece, either.
Learn More: Superior Graphite; Chicago, IL;

Camaro owners: Get Screwed
What It Is: Whipple Superchargers' new kit for '10 Camaros
Why You Care: More power. More torque. That's about all we need to say. However, since we are wordy by nature, here are a few more nuggets of information to set your salivary glands on overload. The kit comes with Whipple's W175ax 2.9L twin-screw supercharger with a massive 112mm air inlet, an air-to-water intercooler, high-flow Siemens injectors, billet fuel rails, and a programmer to reflash the car's ECM. If all that sounds good to you, this will sound even better: On the company's chassis dyno, the kit produced 578 hp and 514 lb-ft at the wheels with 8.7 psi boost using 91-octane gasoline. That is 220 hp more than the same car made N/A. Because everything fits under the stock hood, you can hide more than 200 extra horsepower, and no one will know until it's too late.
How Much: $6,999.99 for the black finish, $7,499.99 for the polished finish
We Say: Whipple Superchargers: Not just for Mustang Cobras anymore.
Learn More: Whipple Superchargers; Fresno, CA; 559/442-1261;

Big Rallys for New Camaros
What It Is: Wheel Vintiques 20-inch Billet Rally wheels
Why You Care: These days, it seems there are more wheel designs than there are celebrities in rehab, which is cool because there are now more ways than ever to make your car stand out from the crowd. Among the most classic wheel designs is the Chevrolet Rally wheel. New Camaro owners can now get this timeless look in sizes that fit the OE design. Wheel Vintiques offers 20-inch Rally wheels in 8- to 9.5-inch widths in a variety of custom offsets to fit a variety of tire sizes. The wheels are fully polished and designed to accept all Rally-style hubcaps.
How Much: $3,100.00 per set with caps
We Say: We can't wait to see these on a car-preferably one with the Whipple kit above.
Learn More: Wheel Vintiques; Fresno, CA; 559/251-6957;

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