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Brodix Cylinder Head Swap - New Heads From Brodix

Want Killer Cylinder Heads But Don't Want To Swap Those Spendy Headers? Check Out These . . .

By , Photography by Jason Neugent

You want bragging rights that a new set of big-port, big-block heads can provide. You want the performance boost those large runners and exhaust ports deliver as well. What you don't want is the added expense of new headers, intake, and pistons to get there. Brodix understands your pain.

When you finally upgrade your 396 for that 540, Brodix recommends its Big-Block 2 Plus (BB-2 Plus) rectangular-port cylinder head with a 312cc intake port that flows more than 340 cfm. The huge numbers are the result of a CNC porting program that replicates the efforts of hours of hand-porting and flow bench work. These heads flow monster air with the help of an exhaust port that is raised 0.600 inch. The relocation of the port forces you to buy a new intake manifold and new headers or have a custom set made, depending on the car you drive. The heads also lack two extra accessory boltholes on the exhaust flange and the intake face if you want to mount your power steering or A/C.

If you want to run the big-block in a street car, the solution is the Race Rite series of heads, which offers the intake enhancements of the 2 Plus series of heads with the exhaust port and accessory holes in stock big-block locations. The first head created for the series is the RR BB-R. Decoded, that means Race Rite, big-block, rectangle port. That is the cylinder head used here. There is an oval-port version called the RR-BB-O, and by the time this issue goes to print, there will be an RR BB-2 Plus. These three sets of heads share the intake port of their Pro Street and drag race cousins, giving them great power potential. They also allow you to bolt them into your big-block car with the minimum of hassles.

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