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Small Block Chevy Dress Up - Dress Up Your Small-Block

Do You Have A Fugly Engine? If So, We Have A Few Tips That Will Help You . . .

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Pro Touring Package
Pro Touring has become the hot topic of late, so we thought we'd slap on a little more flash to see what transpired. The observer corps will have already picked up on our quickie cylinder head swap to a set of TFS 195cc aluminum heads, just for a little more contrast. We also dropped in a cast-aluminum timing chain cover, a Weiand Stealth Air Strike dual-plane intake, an 830-cfm HP Holley, and a set of long-tube tri-Y headers that will all contribute to a broad power band. Those fabricated valve covers give the Mouse an authoritative appearance, as does the cool Summit serpentine accessory drive that was pretty easy to install. We opted for the alternator and power steering combination, but Summit also offers a similar system with an A/C pump located on the passenger side.

Weiand Stealth Air Strike 8501 Summit Racing $205.95
Holley 830-cfm HP 0-80509-1 Summit Racing 709.95
Trick Flow 195cc heads 30400002 Summit Racing 2,299.90
Serpentine acc. drive, alt./ps 340410 Summit Racing 1,199.95
Fabricated valve covers 440600 Summit Racing 189.95
Summit throttle cable bracket 210240 Summit Racing 69.95
Summit chrome 14-inch air cleaner G3237 Summit Racing 58.95
Summit aluminum timing cover G6300 Summit Racing 49.95
Summit Holley dual feed fuel line 220106-B Summit Racing 47.95
Summit alum. thermostat housing 371101 Summit Racing 29.88
Summit -6 stainless fuel line, 10-foot 230610 Summit Racing 39.95
Summit -6 straight hose end 220690B Summit Racing 4.88 ea.
Summit -6 90-degree hose end 220687B Summit Racing 13.95 ea.
Summit stainless bolt kit 56490SSP Summit Racing 99.95
Summit fuel pump 2510000-1 Summit Racing 44.88
Summit power steering pulley tool W87022 Summit Racing 24.95

Summit Racing Equipment
PO Box 909
OH  44398
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